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The Barstow Flyer 10/17/2009

by Chris Guenzler

This trip was announced and I decided it would be fun to do aboard the Tioga Pass. Winston decided his family would do it but aboard the Overland Trail. Thus we could all drive to LAUPT together and then meet in Barstow. Mrs. Walker's health forced her to cancel but I found that my old and dear friend Bill Compton could come and he would meet us at LAUPT the morning of the trip to get his ticket. I was up early that Saturday morning and waited for Winston to pick me up for the quick drive to LAUPT.

The sign in the tunnel to alert our riders where the train is boarding.

The Barstow Flyer waiting for its passengers this morning.

Amtrak Engine 23 will be pulling our special train to Barstow today.

Amfleet 82580 will provide the coach seating for this trip.

Boston & Maine Sleeper Salisbury Beach 800257.

Southern Pacific Overland Trail 800633.

Burlington {CB&Q} Dome Silver Splendor 800604 is making its maiden post restoration trip.

Tioga Pass 800693. With my ticket I can ride in either the Tioga Pass or Silver Splendor.

Surfliner 799 was ahead of our train waits for its 7:30 AM departure time for San Luis Obispo. Bill showed up just after 7:15 AM and the Southwest Chief arrived a few minutes later. We all boarded our cars and waited for the 8:00 AM Departure which was on time.

Our train leaving LAUPT.

The Metrolink Movie Train was at LAUPT this morning.

Passing Terminal Tower.

A Surfliner consist is brought into LAUPT.

Curving south at Mission Tower.

The train would run along the Los Angeles River for the first few miles.

Our train heads for the first road bridge across the Los Angeles River we would pass under along the west bank.

The Los Angeles Subway Yard.

A few minutes later we climbed the Flyover over the Alameda Corridor and Los Angeles River.

The Santa Fe 3751 which some people had wanted to pull this trip but it couldn't.

The Los Angeles Skyline.

Metrolink 653 heads to LAUPT.

CP Soto where we leave Metrolink trackage for the BNSF San Bernardino Subdivision.

Hobart Tower.

A few minutes later we passed over 100 stored BNSF engines.

The three track mainline goes to two tracks at CP Serapis.

Views passing trough DT Junction.

The UP Crossing at Los Neitos.

Curving towards Santa Fe Springs.

One of the Signal Bridges that will be lost when they triple track through this area.

It was a nice clear morning.

The Norwalk Metrolink Station.

Work on the triple track along here is taking place.

CP Valley View.

Surfliner 763 heads for Goleta.

The Buena Park Metrolink Station.

A few minutes later we pulled into Fullerton, our only passenger stop of the morning.

Our train left Fullerton behind heading for Barstow.

Fullerton Jct where the Metrolink San Diego Sub leaves the BNSF mainline.

The Intermediate signal between Fullerton and Atwood.

The Pedestrian Bridge at Placentia.

Atwood the junction with the Metrolink line to Orange. They called us all in for a short meeting thus I missed the good pictures of our train on Horseshoe Bend.

The train coming out of Horseshoe Bend in Santa Ana Canyon.

Two views looking back towards Horseshoe Bend.

Passing the homes in Santa Ana Canyon.

The last active Orange Grove along a rail line in Orange County.

Intermediate Signal near the east end of Santa Ana Canyon.

Our train crossed the Santa Ana River.

North Corona Metrolink Station.

Former Santa Fe Corona Station.

West Main Corona Metrolink Station.

I did say it was a beautiful clear day as we headed east through Home Gardens.

La Sierra Metrolink Station.

Site of night time track work.

Great view looking back.

The train passed through Casa Blanca.

Curving into west Riverside.

West Riverside where the old Los Angeles and Salt Lake Route Union Pacific joins the BNSF mainline for their run to Dagget.

Metrolink 653 came into Riverside.

The Downtown Riverside Metrolink Station.

Former Santa Fe Riverside Station.

A BNSF Ballast Train.

Highgrove where the line to Perris and Hemet takes off of the BNSF mainline. We came to a red signal and stopped.

Metrolink 357 heads to San Bernardino then on into Los Angeles.

Metrolink 859 heads to Oceanside from San Bernardino.

Our train crossed the Santa Ana River.

West Colton on the BNSF San Bernardino Sub.

Our train then crossed the Union Pacific's Sunset route at Colton.

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