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The Copper Cities Limited Globe Branch 4/5/2009 Part 2

Sponsored by the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum

by Chris Guenzler

Our train left the city of Globe and headed south towards Bowie, Arizona.

US Highway 70 follows our route to just east of Safford.

Views of the Santa Teresa Mountains.

A view looking back up the rails from where we had been.

Near Cutter.

The Casino Station Platform at MP 1214 serves the excursion train passengers who want to use and stay at the Apache Gold Casino Resort where the Arizona Eastern train comes to its eastern terminus.

The Desert Floor along this part of our route today.

My favorite type of cactus are plentiful on the hills along this part of our route.

Saguaro cactus stand against the blue sky of today.

Our train took another curve on this line.

A view to the north.

A view to the south.

Two views looking behind.

Nearing San Carlos.

Water Tower still stands at San Carlos.

Mt. Graham to the southeast at this point of our journey.

A view looking east at an interesting landscape.

We crossed this bridge then Bart ran to remind the crew that was a runby location. The train was backed up for unloading for our next photo runby of the day.

Photo Runby at MP 1194.

The Santa Teresa Mountains to the southwest.

Gila Mountains with Gila Peak 8,829 Feet.

San Carlos Lake which is backed up by the Coolidge Dam.

The Final Photo Runby of the day at the curved trestle at MP 1187.

View of the curved trestle as we headed south towards Bowie.

The cut after we had passed through it.

Views along our route today.

Passengers enjoying the Dome 510.

Gila Peak to the north.

Another view looking back.

Views looking to the south.

Looking north.

Looking north at the Gila Mountains.

Our route passes through many cuts as we make our way towards Bowie.

The Gila Mountains to the north.

The Santa Teresa Mountains to the southeast.

The Pina Mountains to the west.

The old station foundation in Bylas.

Agricultural interest abounds in the Glia River Valley.

The Safford Mine may someday have rail service built so the ore could be taken to the Smelter in Miami, Arizona.

Passing through the Pima.

Late afternoon Sun lighting up the rails of the Arizona Eastern.

Mt Graham 10,720 Feet.

The former Southern Pacific Station in Safford.

Heading away from US Highway 70.

Gila Mountains.

The Pinaleno Mountains to the southwest.

Another view of the Gila Mountains.

Train cars from a derailment.

One last view of those derailed cars.

The sun had set on a fantastic day of railroading but we still had the miles to Bowie before our trip would be over.

Some post sunset views as we made our way to Bowie.

Night took hold the rest of the way into Bowie. The Arizona Eastern was there switching cars and we had to wait for him to clear before we could be pulled to the grade crossing and all detrain from this wonderful rare mileage excursion train that we rode this day. We all said our goodbyes until tomorrow and got into our cars.

Once we all were off and in our cars, our train still blocked the only grade crossing in town and before he could move out of the way a Union Pacific westbound freight blasted through Bowie. Our train moved right before the freight had cleared and we headed back to Sanford for the night. We stopped at the Arby's there for me and at McDonalds for Randy and Marie. I finished the trip over story before I called it a night.


We meet and loaded the car before Randy, Marie and I went and had the Best Western Desert Inn Continental Breakfast. We stopped at the Circle K again before we made one last stop in Safford before heading to Duncan.

A morning view of the Safford Station before we drove east on US 70 to Duncan for our Rare Mileage Trip on the former Southern Pacific Clifton Branch.