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Arkansas and Missouri Railroad Trips 4/9/2009 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

The train that bought me to Van Buren is now the Winslow Turn ready to depart at 11:00 AM.

AM C420 46 at Van Buren.

I went into the station and got a First Class Ticket for the Winslow Turn and then boarded AM Parlor Car 107. This is a view of Van Buren that shows how hard that cold wind is blowing by the flag.

Views inside the ex Long Island Railroad AM Parlor Car 107.

Our Conductor for this trip Lynn Reed.

Long Island Emblems on the roof wall papering.

Frog Bayou.

Me enjoying First Class on the Arkansas and Missouri Railroad.

Passing through Chester again.

That 3.4 mile straight track really seemed longer than that.

The Red Bud Trees along Frog Bayou.

Rolling down the rails.

More of the Red Bud Trees.

Under Interstate 540.

The Fischer Cut.

Another curve as we climb towards the Winslow Tunnel.

More Red Bud along with the White Dogwood.

Trestle 3.

Trestle 2.

Trestle 1 with some Dogwood in bloom.

The Winslow Tunnel.

The Winslow siding with Red Bud Bloom in this view.

Our C420 46 ran around the train to pull us back to Van Buren.

This fantastic emblem was outside the door all the way back to Van Buren and I relaxed all the way there.

Back in Van Buren the C420 cut off and ran around the train to push us into the station and it would become my train to Springdale.

The Van Buren Station built in 1902 as we backed in. I detrained for some pictures.

The other side of the Van Buren Station.

AM 107 Parlor Car Explorer.

AM 106 Coach Mountain View.

AM 105 Coach Golden Age.

AM C420 46.

Views of the train in Van Buren.

The station in Van Buren. The Conductor had me ride in the AM 107 in case I needed more pictures for the story which I did.

Dinosaurs in Mountainburg.

Views along the West Fork of the White River.

Memorial of the Mass Grave from the African American Tunnel Railroad Workers that came down with small pox when building the railroad in 1882.

Later on coming into Fayetteville.

Fayetteville Airport.

Ozark Air Museum.

More Red Bud Blooms.

Privately owned railroad equipment along the line.

Crossing another trestle.

Fayetteville Station.

The Hair Depot Caboose. The train made its way into Springdale. I thanked my crew for the great trip and detrained for a few more pictures.

Our train in front of the Springdale Station. I got in my car and checked both sides of the engine terminal in Springdale.

AM T-6 14.

AM C420 64.

AM T-6 18.

AM RS32 30.

The Drive back to the Depot Inn & Suites.

It took me twenty five minutes to get out of Springdale to Interstate 540 which I took north to US Highway 62. It took twenty five more minutes to go through Bentonville and Rogers but because of these delays I got rewarded.

A quick turn around got me this going away picture of an Arkansas and Missouri freight heading south at Avoca, Arkansas. I continued north to Highway 37 that took me north into Missouri to Monnet where I found Road H which took me north to Interstate 44. That took me to Springfield where I decided to just retrace my route I took south back to La Plata. I took I44 to Lebanon and stopped for an Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich to go. I took Missouri Highway 5 back to Camdenton where I called Brock at the Depot Inn & Suites to give him my ETA of 11:00 PM. I drove US 54 back through Jefferson City then took US 63 back to La Plata arriving there at 10:48 PM. I got the key from Brock to the Pullman Suite, used the Suana Tub and called it a night after a wonderful two days of riding new train routes for me.