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Special Trains through the years 1971-1999!

by Chris Guenzler

This and the following pages show the special train moments that I have caught through the years which I have photographed or rode the trains. Let me take you back in time to some of these special moments.

The first special moment I saw was the United Aircraft Turbo Train heading south along Lincoln Street in Santa Ana in 1971. I still have a button that was tossed to me. The picture was taken a few days later in Los Angeles.

The American Freedom Train paid a visit to Anaheim on its two year tour of the lower 48 states. It stopped here at the Big A in Anaheim in January 1976.

The westbound Union Pacific Directors Train on a rainy April morning in 1977.

Southern Pacific 4449 made a surprise trip to Los Angeles and left on 5/13/1981.

Santa Fe 5997 East heading to Cajon for a photo session was caught right after sunrise at West Corona in February 1983.

A Union Pacific Directors Train headed east over Cajon on 1983.

The Pacific Railroad Society ran the first passenger train over the Southern Pacific's Palmdale Cutoff on 10/23/1983, a round-trip to Mojave via the cutoff both ways.

The Pacific Railroad Society ran the Desert Scout to Barstow via the 3rd District in November 1984.

The Pacific Railroad Society ran the Cushenbury Caravan to Cushenbury via the Santa Fe 3rd District and the 1st District to Hesperia, where we turned east on the branch to the cement plant at the end. 11/4/1985.

California Equipment and a Metrolink train were on display at Santa Ana in May 1985 for a National Association of Rail Passengers meeting. After the meeting, we boarded the Metrolink train for a trip over the Olive Branch through Santa Ana Canyon to San Bernardino and a trip over the new Metrolink flyover there.

The Pacific Railroad Indio Date Limited Train ran east through San Timoteo Canyon on 2/22/1987. It is seen coming and going.

Santa Fe ran a 100 Years of the 2nd District Special on 10/17/1987 seen crossing the Arroyo Seco near Pasadena.

Southern Pacific Super Bowl Special at Avenue S in Palmdale on 1/30/1988.

Southern Pacific ran a Super Bowl Train to Los Angeles in 1/30/1988.

Amtrak 572 with the private cars headed to the Super Bowl in San Diego on 1/31/1988.

Right behind it was the Santa Fe Super Bowl Train on 1/31/1988.

I rode the Pacific Railroad Society Mojave Circle, an outbound trip through Soledad Canyon and return over the Palmdale Cutoff to Los Angeles on 4/17/1988.

Union Pacific 8444 on the Frost Crossover on its way to the 50th Anniversary of Los Angeles Union Station on 5/5/1989.

Southern Pacific 4449 and Union Pacific 8444 entered Union Station at Los Angeles on 5/4/1989.

On the 5th of May, the diesels were posed in a historic position as was done in a famous picture at Los Angeles Union Station.

The all-private car special returning from the American Association of Private Rail Car Owners Convention in San Diego on 10/8/1989.

An all-Superliner Bike Club Special returns from San Diego on 10/22/1989.

GO Transit 552 East heads south for San Diego after being displayed at Union Station in Los Angeles on 10/19/1990. The engine and car was used as a demonstration of GO Transit service in Toronto for members of the transportation committees that would later start Metrolink in the Los Angeles area and the Coaster in San Diego.

One of Santa Fe's Rail Cycle specials headed east through Rialto on 6/14/1991.

The California Limited with Santa Fe 3751 ran through Fullerton to start its four day excursion from Los Angeles to Bakersfield and return on 12/27/1991. I rode from Barstow to Bakersfield the next day.

Southern Pacific 2472 pulled an excursion train to Los Angeles to be into position to run on the Earth Train. Here it is seen at Tajiguas on the Coast Line on 9/13/1992.

Santa Fe 3751 pulled the 1992 Santa Fe Employee Recognition Special east over Cajon Pass on 8/30/1992.

Santa Fe 3751 is seen returning from Chicago on 9/16/1992 at Lavic on the Santa Fe Employee Recognition Special.

Amtrak ran an all-private car Super Bowl special from Indio to Glendale on 1/31/1993. Here is the deadhead eastbound move near Beaumont.

Amtrak's Super Bowl special from Oceanside to Glendale used two Metrolink engines for power coming through Irvine on 1/31/1993.

Southern Pacific 2472 ran two weekend trips to Tracy for the Dry Bean Festival. Here it is on 7/31/1993 heading for Tracy.

The X2000 was tested by Amtrak before touring the nation. Here it was on 7/15/1993 at Los Angeles Union Station.

Amtrak leased the German ICE Train in 1993 and it toured the country with it. Here it is on the way to San Diego through Santa Ana in 10/5/1993.

A Santa Fe Directors train came up through Orange from San Diego on 10/1993.

Union Pacific 3985 came to Ontario for the Union Pacific Historical Society Convention with a pair of Ontario to Barstow excursions. Here it is passing through Colton on the first trip east on 5/21/1994.

Southern Pacific 2472 came to San Luis Obispo for its 100th Anniversary then ran a trip to Tangier on 5/17/1994.

The Feather River Rail Society ran an Oroville to Westwood excursion up the Feather River and on the Highline on 7/10/1994.

California quipment and a Metrolink train were on display at Santa Ana in May of 1995 for a National Association of Rail Passengers meeting. After the meeting, we boarded the Metrolink train for a trip over the Olive Branch through Santa Ana Canyon to San Bernardino and a trip over the new Metrolink flyover there.

Union Pacific 949 East pulled a Director's Train east through Rana on 7/3/1995.

The San Diego Railroad Museum ran a San Ysidro to Tecate trip on 2/24/1996.

Union Pacific ran the Olympic Torch Train to the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. Here the train is passing through Redlands on 4/30/1996.

The Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum ran a trip from Jacumba and Beyond on 4/26/1997.

The Mount Shasta Daylight was operated on 6/20/1998.

Milwaukee Road 261 ran from North Kansas City to Minneapolis on a three day excursion. Here, 261 provides a photo runby for the passengers on Day 2 of the trip on 9/12/1998 at Doon, Iowa.

Santa Fe 3751 was on its way to Railfair 99 at the Horseshoe Bend in Santa Ana Canyon on 6/16/1999.

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