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Shortline Railroads

by Chris Guenzler

We will now travel back in time to look at a few shortline and industrial railroads.

The Holly Sugar SW-1 1 at the plant at Dyer at Santa Ana, CA in 1976. This was the first diesel engine the Southern Pacific ever owned.

National Metals on Terminal Island, CA had the GE 70 Toner in 1972.

Longview, Portland and Northern S-2 112 at Reedsport, Oregon in 1972.

Longview, Portland and Northern VO-660 1002 at Reedsport, OR in 1972.

Pacific Lumber Company 70 Toner 102 at the mill at Scotia, CA in 1972.

Kennecott Copper electrics at Brigham Canyon, Utah in 1973.

Amador Central S-12 coming out of the mill at Martell, CA in 1974.

California Western S-12 53 at the engine house at Fort Bragg, CA in 1974

Another shot of CWRR 53 passing the water tower in Fort Bragg, CA 1974.

Santa Maria Valley Railroad 70 Toner 30 lays over in Santa Maria, CA in 1975.

Kerr McGee has the S-12 at Trona, CA in 1976.

Trona Railroad AS616 waits in the bright morning sun at Trona, CA in 1976.

Modesto Empire and Traction 70 Toner 603 switches in the streets of Modesto, CA in 1976.

Foster Farms in Livingston, CA had the S-1 1 at its plant there in 1976.

Sierra Railroad S-12 42 at Oakdale, CA in 1976.

Stockton Terminal and Eastern S-2 560 at Stockton, CA in 1976.

BC Hydro SW-1200RS 900 at Vancouver, BC in 1976.

Quincy Railroad S-1 4 at Quincy, CA in 1980.

Kennecott GP-39-2 781 sits at Copperton, Utah in 1980.

US Steel S-12 26 at the Geneva Works, Utah in 1980.

Butte, Anaconda and Pacific GP-7 103 at Rocker, MT in 1980.

Portland Terminal 44 switches the yard at Portland OR in 1980.

Central California Traction returns from the WP Interchange in Stockton, CA in 1981.

CCT RS-1 60 sitting at South Sacramento, CA in 1981.

Kaiser Steel 32-002 switches at the mill at Fontana, CA in 1982.

McCloud Railroad SD-38 37 sat in McCloud, CA with Mt Shasta looming behind on September 3, 1983.

The California Western Skunk leaves Willits, CA with RS-12 56 on the point in 1984.

Stockton Terminal Eastern S-2 557 returns from the WP Interchange in Stockton, CA in 1984.

The Modesto, Empire and Traction switches the Santa Fe Interchange at Empire, CA in 1984.


Anaconda Alliminum NW-3 900 rests in Whitefish, MT in 1989.

A Copper Basin Train rolls out of Hayden, AZ back towards the mine in 1989.

Ventura County S-6 107 at Oxnard, CA in 1992.

California Northern GP-15-1 102 in Woodland, CA in 1995.

In Dover, NJ, Morristown and Erie 27 rambled by while I waited for my New Jersey Transit train in 1997.

NREX GP-20 2001 at Guersney, CA on March 12th, 1999.

Integrated Grain and Milling GP-7 2161 at Hanford, CA on March 12th, 1999.

Cargill GP-7 2014 "The Mighty Cow" at Hanford, CA on March 12th, 1999.

Florida Midland Railroad CF-7 63 at Winter Haven, FL between Amtrak trains in 1996.

The Arnaud Railway brings a train into Clarke City, Quebec on August 22, 2000.

A Romaine River Railway Passenger Train leaves Havre St. Pierre, Quebec on August 22, 2000.

The Chemin De Fer Charlevoix Railway in Clermont, Quebec on August 26, 2000.

The Southern California Railroad GP-40 2000 at Plaster City, CA on March 17, 2001.

The Verde Canyon Railroad, AZ on April 19, 2001.

The Southwestern Railroad at Deming, New Mexico on October 26, 2002.

RJ Corman runs My Old Kentucky Dinner Train in Bardstown, KY on December 28, 2002.

The Wisconsin Southern at Janesville, Wisconsin on May 2, 2003.

Pacific Harbor Lines in Wilmington, California on July 19, 2003.

Idaho, Northern & Pacific 4506 at Horseshoe Bend, Idaho on August 8, 2003.

Idaho, Pacific and Northern GP-40 4506 at Cascade, Idaho in 2003.

The Montana Rail Link handled the former Montana Daylight Train climbing Mullen Pass, MT on August 22, 2003.

Southwestern Railroad in GP-35 2601 at Deming, NM in 2003.

The Sierra Railroad 46 in Oakdale, California on March 14, 2004.

The Great Northwest Railroad at Lewistown, Idaho on May 21, 2004.

Wallowa Valley Union Railroad GP-35 4508 at Joeseph, OR on May 22, 2004.

Pend Oreille Valley Railroad GP-10 1745 at Newport, Washington on May 23, 2004.

The Central Montana Rail at Denton, Montana on May 24, 2004.

The Minnesota Commercial Railway at Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 3, 2004.

The Santa Fe Southern GP-18 93 at Santa Fe, New Mexico on November 13, 2004.

The McCloud Railway SD-38 37 at McCloud, CA on July 2, 2005.

The Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad at the Siuslaw River Drawbridge, Oregon on July 4, 2004.

Mount Hood GP-9 88 at Hood River, OR on July 5, 2004.

The City of Prineville Railroad 989 at Prineville Jct, OR on July 8, 2005.

The Georgia Southwestern 6302 at Ellaville, Georgia on November 19, 2005.

Engines of the Sabine River and Northern Railroad in Beaumont, Texas on December 18, 2005.

Louisiana and Delta Railroad CF-7 1500 at New Iberia, Louisiana on December 18, 2005.

Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad 101 on a freight at Batterson, Oregon on 6/6/2006.

Tacoma Rail SD-45 3001 at Tacoma, WA on 6/8/2006.

The Everett Railroad 1712 at Duncanville, Pennsylvania on 7/15/2006.

Orrville Railroad Heritage Society {ORHS} 471 at Dennison, Ohio on 7/17/2006.

RFRX 4202 at Dennison, OH on 7/17/2006.

Ohio Central 7220 at Dennison, OH on 7/17/2006.

Akron Barberton Belt 1203 and W&LE 2699 at Brewster, Ohio on 7/21/2006.

Lorain & West Virginia Railroad 101 at Wellington, Ohio on 7/21/2006.

RJ Corman 4121 at Dover, Ohio on 7/21/2006.

San Luis Central SW-9 70 at Sugar Jct just short of Monte Vista, CO on 10/29/2006.

Fort Worth Western Railroad engine 2002 Chilsom Trail at North Fort Worth, TX on 1/1/2007.

Alexander Railroad GE 44 Toner 3 at Statesville, North Carolina on 8/16/2007.

Great Smoky Mountain Railroad GP-9 777 at Bryson City, North Carolina on 8/17/2007.

Georgia Northwestern 7562 at Blue Ridge, Georgia on 8/21/2007.

A Chattanooga & Chickamauga Railway engine in Kensington, Georgia on 8/23/2007.

Columbus & Greenville GP-11 1804 at Lafayette, Georgia on 8/25/2007.

The Arkansas Oklahoma Railroad B-23-7 4064 in Shawnee, Oklahoma on 6/21/2008.

Georgetown Railroad switchers south of Georgetown, Texas on 6/23/2008.

Austin Western 5108 at Cedar Park, Texas on 6/23/2008.

San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad Engine 8542 in Alamosa, Colorado on 6/18/2008.

Appanoose County Community Railroad Engine 116 at Moravia, Iowa on 8/16/2008.

Nashville Eastern U36B 5772 at Nashville, TN on 10/10/2008.

Iowa Interstate 718 at Walcott, Iowa on 10/14/2008.

Pacific Sun Railroad which now runs the BNSF branch lines in San Diego County seen at Stuart Mesa, CA from a passing Surfliner Train on 11/11/2008.

Missouri North Central Railroad 4485 in Chillicothe, Missouri on 1/2/2009.

Arizona Eastern 2503 at Globe, Arizona on 4/5/2009.

Branson Scenic Railroad F9APH 98 at Branson, Missouri on 4/8/2009.

Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway SW-1 4752 at Eureka Springs, Arkansas on 4/8/2009.

Arkansas And Missouri C-420 68 at Springdale, Arkansas on 4/9/2009.

Cargill CGAX 137 at their terminal grain elevator at Parnell, Kansas on 6/25/2009.

Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad GP-9 1714 at Leadville, CO on 7/12/2009.

Great Lake Central 385 at Owosso, Michigan on 7/24/2009.

Wisconsin Great Northern SW-1 862 at Spooner, Wisconsin on 8/6/2009.

Santa Maria Valley Railroad GP-9 1801 at Betteravia, CA on 10/10/2009.

Crab Orchard & Egyptian SW-1200 1161 at Marion, Illinois on 12/4/2009.

Relco Alco HH660 602 ex EJ&E painted in a Burlington Railroad paint scheme in Albia, Iowa on 12/29/2009.

Iowa Traction 50 at Mason City, Iowa on 12/29/2009.

Iowa, Chicago & Eastern 4297 at Mason City, IA on 12/29/2009.

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