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Mullen Pass Pictures

Photos by Chris Guenzler

Starting up Mullen Pass we first met an eastbound freight.

That was followed by a helper set returning to Helena.

The grade now made our SD-19-1s really work.

Heading straight for Mullen Pass.

The BNSF stack train coming down the middle level on a red signal due to BNSF 9679 holding the main at Austin ahead of it.

At Austin we went into the siding to let BNSF 9679 East, an empty coal train go by.

The Santa Fe 703 East finally gets a yellow to pass us.

It was our turn to climb the Austin Loops.

Our engines leading us across the Green Horn Trestle.

Next, they take us across the Skyline Trestle.

Of course, our Dome Cars follow right behind.

The train exiting the West Portal of the Mullen Tunnel.

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