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Missouri River Canyon Pictures

Photos by Chris Guenzler

We entered the Missouri River Canyon at Three Forks and first came to the company town of Trident with a stucco built depot.

The Canyon has ever changing views as we follow the Missouri River.

Across the river is the grade of the old Milwaukee Road that we will follow to Lombard where it bridged the Missouri River. In this view we see an old Milwaukee Road trestle.

Another Missouri River view looking north.

Further on, a view looking south back up the Missouri River.

The canyon walls became more colorful as we headed north.

After the Milwaukee Road crossed the Missouri River at Lombard, it climbed Sixteen Mile Canyon towards Harlowton, Montana.

The Montana Daylight cruising the Missouri River Canyon.

Same location looking at our trains rear end.

The Toston Dam.

Right next to the tracks, Mammoth Cold Springs with its wonderful colors.

The Montana Daylight exiting the Missouri River Canyon.

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