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The Copper Cities Limited Clifton Branch 4/6/2009 Part 2

Sponsored by the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum

by Chris Guenzler

Changing views along the Gila River.

The train is about to cross the Gila River.

The Gila River Bridge is a 282 foot steel I-beam bridge.

Guthrie, Arizona with an old Southern Pacific Hot Box Detector.

Our train would now start up the grade to South Siding.

Views as we climb away from the Gila River crossing to the Owl Canyon Bridge.

Owl Canyon Bridge.

Our train continues to South Siding.

Yuccas stand before we reach South Siding.

South Siding is at the top of the grade we have been climbing since the Gila River Bridge.

Outstanding views abound around every curve on this line.

An interesting arch highway bridge.

The views are ever changing.

Two views of the mine tailings before we started through the first of six tunnels on our route today.

Tunnel 6 336 Feet.

Between Tunnels 5 and 6.

Tunnel 5 262 feet.

Between Tunnels 4 and 5 .

Tunnel 4 326 Feet.

Between Tunnels 3 and 4.

Tunnel 3 245 feet.

The views are ever changing as we continue towards Clifton.

Tunnel 2 152 feet.

A new view around every bend.

Tunnel 1 123 feet and the last of the tunnels before we near Clifton.

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