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Bozeman Pass Pictures

Photos by Chris Guenzler

Back on 8/29/85, after pushing the BN 6827 through the Bozeman Tunnel, the helpers cut off at West End without the train stopping.

The MRL helper set we saw returning to Livingston.

They cut five units off, then added the three to the point of this train while the other five will push near the rear.

On the move and climbing, looking back toward Livingston.

Looking down on the farm with the passenger car.

Our train climbing the 2.2 grade up Bozeman Pass.

Another picture looking back at the beautiful view.

Our train gets a double yellow.

Our train goes into the Muir siding to run around the freight, BNSF 4338 East.

Once through the Bozeman Tunnel, we descended into Rocky Canyon.

Our train twisted and turned down the grade.

The beautiful rocky peaks to the south.

Continuing our journey down Rocky Canyon.

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