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Union Pacific 844 Chase West Colton 11/19/2011 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

We walked out onto the bridge at the Upper Mojave Narrows.

Our photo location at Victorville.

The trees were in their Fall Colors and the one word described it was "beautiful"!

The BNSF 7211 East was our practice train before the UP 844 arrived at our location.

The Union Pacific 844 came through the Upper Mojave Narrows before it met a westbound BNSF train at Victorville.

The BNSF 7623 West came through the Upper Mojave Narrows. From here we headed to Barstow. Chris dropped Bob Riskie off at the McDonald's to get lunch then Chris would take him to the Barstow Station. Chris dropped the three of us off at the Yucca Street Bridge in Barstow before returning to get Bob to drop him off. Here we set up for my pictures.

BNSF 7211 East left Barstow. I walked down to clear that freight train that stopped in front of us. I walked down on the hill until I was cleared of it.

That train was BNSF 7858 West.

Another eastbound BNSF train came east out of Barstow.

BNSF 7376 East left Barstow. The Union Pacific 844 had stopped at the Barstow Station and now was coming our way. Could this BNSF train please not move until it passed.

The Union Pacific 844 left Barstow for Yermo. I walked back to the car and we drove to Barstow minus Bob Riskie who was taking the Thruway Bus to Bakersfield, San Joaquin to Martinez and Coast Starlight back to Chemult and the bus home to Bend. We ended up at the Yermo grade crossing and waited before heading down to where the UP 844 was being serviced.

The Union Pacific 844 was being serviced at Yermo.

The front of the Union Pacific 844.

Next we visited the Union Pacific Steam Store aboard the train.

A nice Union Pacific Steam Picture and note the names.

The staff working with the public.

As I exited more people were still waiting to board.

The Union Pacific 1996 at Yermo.

Servicing the Union Pacific 844.

One last view of the Union Pacific 844 before we headed to Barstow at Tom's Burger. After a great meal we left Barstow to home.

A view of the clouds as we headed towards Cajon Pass. We went over and down Cajon Pass and once we got out the sky was interesting until the sun went down.

The end of a perfect day of chasing the Union Pacific 844 over Cajon Pass to Yermo.