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Union Pacific 4014 Yermo to West Colton 10/14/2019

by Chris Guenzler

This trip is being put on by the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society Southern California Chapter and the Rail Giants Museum in Pomona, California and the Union Pacific Railroad. On this morning I was up by 2:30 AM and after preparing for my day I was at the Rancho Cucumonga Metrolink Station, parked my car and then boarded the bus to Yermo with for other car hosts where I would be car hosting with Art Sutton in the Texas Eagle (Steamliner Coach).

The trip

The consist of the train includes Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 4014, UP Water Car Joe Jordan, UP Water Car Jim Adams, UP Helper Diesel Locomotives SD70AH 9072 and ES44AC 2551, Art Lockman tool car, Power car Howard Fogg 209, Museum car Promontory, Green River UP crew deluxe sleeper, Power Car 2066, Walter Dean UP crew Dome, City of Denver UP Crew Diner, Kenefick UP Crew business car, Challenger (Steamliner Dome/Coach), Portland Rose (Steamliner Coach), Katy Flyer (Steamliner Coach), Sunshine Special (Steamliner Coach), City of Salina (Steamliner Coach), Texas Eagle (Steamliner Coach), Columbine (Steamliner Dome/Coach), Missouri River Eagle (Premier Dome/Diner), Colorado Eagle (Premier Dome/Diner)Power Car Crew Car, City of Los Angeles (Souvenir Car), City of Portland (First Class Dome/Diner), City of San Francisco (First Class Dome/Lounge) the and Cheyenne (Executive Observation Car).

I slept all the way to Barstow on the rear seat of the bus. I returned to my seat and the bus driver tried to back into the Best Western parking lot and got our bus stuck. She had to call a tow truck which came about twenty minutes later. In the mean time, the Barstow police department showed up with three cars and blocked the road to protect us. Once the tow truck arrived he pulled us out and we loaded the bus with the rest of our car hosts. Our bus driver then started driving us she thought to Las Vegas. She missed the two Yermo exits and drove us to Minneola Road where we took Yermo Road and back to where we were suppose to be the Union Pacific 4014 Excursion Train. Every trip is an adventure I told the bus.

The Trip

We arrived into Yermo and after our second Safety Meeting I went into the Texas Eagle and made sure the car was ready for my passengers.

The inside of the Texas Eagle with the passengers gift bags on their seat. I made every one stand up so making it easier to read for my passengers this morning.

Sunrise over the Yermo Yard. Once my car was ready I went outside to the front of the train for a pre-departure picture.

The Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 4014 at rest before starting the trip to Barstow. I then returned to the Texas Eagle.

Me and my shadow! I was issued my radio for the trip today.

The pictures on the wall of the Texas Eagle. I moved all of the lunches to the area right in front of me amd put them in the conductor area of the car. I then moved all of the snacks and placed them above my head in the luggage racks.

The giant ice cream cone in Yermo just before we started our trip to Barstow.

USA Army locomotives with the train which were interchanged were now here in Yermo.

USA Army GP-16 4633.

USA Army GP-10 4621 at Yermo.

The train then crossed the Mojave River. I then had to get the drinks for our car and the City of Salina which would be sharing my ice box in this car. I loaded the ice box and now we were ready for the passengers booked in the Texas Eagle. The train arrived into Barstow and I met my other car host Art Sutton. My job during loading since we had only three doors on the platform was to ask each passenger going through my car, "What car are you in?" and then tell them how many more cars they had to walk through. We had 360 passengers booked aboard the train today. Once my passengers arrived into the Texas Eagle. "I told them to remain seated until we departed". Once I had every passenger in my car, I gave them the safety briefing and told them the reasons why they could not open the vestibule windows. We were a sealed train which they all understood why after I finished explaing it to all of them. I told them all lunch would be at 11:30 AM and snacks would be passed out at 1:00 PM. I passed out water to any passenger who needed it. The train left Barstow right on time at 11:00 AM.

The passengers reading the safety rules and their booklets. Every passenger in my car got their right T-shirt order.

The yard tower at Barstow.

Views of the BNSF Barstow yard.

The train curving at the west end of the BNSF Barstow Yard.

One final view of the BNSF Barstow Yard. At 11:20 Art and I took drink orders and passed them out to every passenger in our car. Next I passed out every lunch and when we were done two passengers didn't get lunches. I used the radio and the caterers made them fresh salads in fifteen minutes. I delievered them to my two passengers and all passengers were very happy at the service they had received.

At the Frost Flyover we did another over and under with two trains.

Photograhers on the hill at Frost. I pointed out things of interest to all my passengers.

The train was serviced on the Silverwood Connection. It was now snack time so first it was chips, next Famous Amos Cookies and finally Granola Bars. I made a second pass telling pasengers if they wanted any for their trip on the bus and most passengers took something with them.

Nearing the Mormon Rocks, an eastbound BNSF 4553 East was below us.

The train took the curve after we passed the Mormon Rocks.

The Union Pacific 4014 East brought traffic to a stop on CA Highway 138.

Photographers up where I shot my pictures of UP 4014 West last Wednesday.

The train took Sullivans Curve. I pointed out the San Andreas Fault at Blu Cut to my passengers then had all the photographers ready for the big curve at Blu Cut.

The Union Pacific 4014 at Blu Cut. I thanked my passengers for coming today and went over the rules for disembarking the train. I passed out the rest of the water, before taking the snacks back to the Souvenir Car and returned the lunch bags to the Souvenir Car kitchen. I returned and walked the trash bag down the aisle for the last time of the trip. I cleaned the bathroom and picked up the trash there. I bagged my trash and put it in the vestibule of my car. I finished up just as the train came to a red signal at the east end of Slover Siding. Next a light Union Pacific power move went by us. Then the train took the east leg of the wye and I was on new mileage once again.

The train took the east leg of the wye returning us to the Sunset Route.

The passengers in the Texas Eagle. We back west beyond the signal at Cedar Street. The train then pulled back to the loading point at West Colton Yard and all my passengers waited until I came to get them to unload the train. I helped all passengers from the Texas Eagle and once the last ones were detrained I unloaded the trash then dumped the ice box and took it to the car where we unloaded it. I checked the car but everyone had taken everything with them. I rode in the vestibule as the UP allowed us to do and moved the train back to unload the Cheyenne and then moved the train back and we waved goodbye to all the passengers on the busses as they left West Colton Yard. My job wasn't completed until they inspected my car and after that I boarded Bus 0 and once the Souvenir Car stock was loaded into the truck everyone loaded bus and we took surface streets back to the Rancho Cucamonga Metrolink Station where I turned in my Green Vest and my radio. I got on Interstate 15 which was bumper to bumper and I got off at Jurapa Street and then followed the Union Pacific tracks to Temple Blvd where I got on the CA 57 to CA 22 off at Grand Avenue and soon was home. Special thank you to Union Pacific for two great days of trips and to both the Rail Giant Museum and the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society Southern California Chapter for running these two days of trip and to all the volunteers like me who worked the trips. Thanks to each one of you!