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The Amtrak 40th Anniversary Train in San Diego 12/3/2011 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Amtrak's Superliner something special.

The City of New Orleans.

Amtrak's Keystone Classic Club.

Coast to Coast Amtrak's Sunset Limited Los Angeles to Miami.

Your Trip to the Ship is Free.

North America Rail Pass.

There's something about a train that is magic!"

Conductor's equipment.

More uniforms.

The North America Rail Pass.

There's something about a train that is magic!"

The North America Rail Pass.

A photograph.

Lower quad signals.

A signal display.

Locomotive Control Stand.

Coast Starlight and San Diegan stuff.

Empire Builder and Lakeshore Limited Stuff.

Amtrak Conductor Uniform.

Time to change lanes.

Amtrak Charter Services.

Dining Car Setting.

Long Distance Train Facts.

Engineer Seat.

Acela and Surfliner Seats.

Gulf Coast Limited.

Pacific Surfliner 5 Year Anniversary.

Visit Southern California via the Pacific Surfliners.

The Capitol Corridor.

Visit Half Dome at Yosemite via Amtrak San Joaquins.

Who needs Rudolph?

Dining Car Menus.

Another display case.

Discover the ways Amtrak is finding.

Boundless Excellence.

There's is no trains without tracks.

Telling our own stories.

Amtrak Guest Rewards.

Southwest Chief in Apache Canyon.

On Board Service Chief uniform.

Amtrak High Speed Display.

Another Amtrak Uniform.

Silver Star Service.

City of New Orleans.

The Cardinal.

The Texas Eagle.

The Lake Shore Limited.

The Empire Builder.

The Capitol Limited.

The California Zephyr.

The Crescent.

The Sunset Limited.

The Acela.

The Keystone.

Amtrak Boston.

Auto Train.

Amtrak New York.

The Adirondack.

Amtrak Washington, DC.

The Auto Train.

Amtrak Boston to New York.

The Coast Starlight.

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