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The Amtrak 40th Anniversary Train in San Diego 12/3/2011

by Chris Guenzler

I got my Pacific Business Class upgrades for my trip down to San Diego to see the Amtrak 40th Anniversary Train and then worked at McFadden doing my old job until the day of the trip. After my morning chores, I drove down to the Santa Ana Station where I parked the Geo Metro in the parking structure and walked trackside.

Surfliner 763 came into Santa Ana and then left.

Surfliner 564 came into Santa Ana with the Overland Trail and Silver Splendor cut in behind the engine as they were doing their annual Troop Train to celebrate December 7, 1941 and the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the United States entrance into World War II. I boarded Business Class and we were on our way to San Diego. My computer decided not to start but removing the battery and unplugging it fixed that problem. I then got on line using the new WiFi Amtrak Connect. I surfed the web aboard the Pacific Surfliner most of the trip down to San Diego. The only delays were 8 minutes at CP Avery for Surfliner 565 and the Metrolink Train at CP San Onofre. Once I got there I met AC Adam and we would enjoy the Amtrak 40th Anniversary Train in San Diego.

The Amtrak 40th Anniversary Train in San Diego

The train was on Track 3 at San Diego.

NPCU 406. The NPCU 406, built for Amtrak in July 1988 by EMD as a 3,000 horse power F40PH locomotive number 406, was rebuilt as Non Powered Control Unit 406 in 2011 at the Beech Grove, Ind., maintenance facility. As a locomotive, the 406 operated all over the country on various routes before being stored in 2001. It was slated to become an NPCU to augment the push-pull fleet, and chosen to be part of the Exhibit Train because it can control a locomotive without the expense of additional fuel, allowing a train to operate in either direction without turning around. It will also provide Head End Power (HEP) to power the lights and HVAC systems onboard the train.

P40 822. The P40 822, built for Amtrak in 1993 by General Electric in Erie, Pa., is a 4,000 horse power locomotive is one of the engines that will provide the pulling power for the Exhibit Train. It was originally based in New Orleans and operated on various long distance routes. The 822 was later reassigned to Albany, N.Y. and operated in the northeast until stored as surplus in 2003. It was selected as one of the 15 P40 locomotives to be upgraded and returned to service as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Sleeper 10020. The Sleeper 10020, built in 1950 by the Budd Company for the Union Pacific as Sleeper 1404 and named, "Pacific Bend." It contained 10 roomettes and 6 double-bedrooms, and joined the Amtrak fleet in 1971 as Sleeper 2603. The car was upgraded from steam heat to Head End Power (HEP) in 1977 and renumbered 2903. In 1997, the car was converted for service as a crew dormitory for use on eastern long distance trains, and renumbered 2504. Stored in 2006, the car remained inactive until 2007, when it was modified for use by the Amtrak Police Department as a Special Communications Car. It was renumbered 10020 and renamed "Pacific Command" at that time. The original name, "Pacific Bend," has since been reapplied and the car will serve as a Sleeper for Amtrak staff during the 40th Anniversary Exhibit Train's tour.

Display Car 10093. The Display Car 10093, built in 1953 by the Budd Company as Baggage Car 3535 for the ATSF and transferred to Amtrak fleet in 1971, when it was renumbered 1049. In 1978 it was upgraded from steam heat to Head End Power (HEP) and renumbered 1222. Needing repair and no longer fit for service, the car was stored in 2007 at Beech Grove until selected as one of the three 40th Anniversary Exhibit Train Display Cars.

Display Car 10095. The Display Car 10095, built in 1953 by the Budd Company, started life as Baggage Car 3512 for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (ATSF) Railroad. After transfer to Amtrak in 1971, it was renumbered as 1029, upgraded in 1978 from steam heat to Head End Power (HEP) and renumbered 1219. In 2000, this car was one of three baggage cars rebuilt with bicycle racks for use on the Twilight Shoreliner, and was renumbered 1856. In 2005, the car was stored at our Beech Grove, Ind., maintenance facility due to mechanical problems. Selected for use on the 40th Anniversary Exhibit Train, it was the first of the three Display Cars completed by our Beech Grove, Ind., maintenance facility.

Display Car 10094. The Display Car 10094, built in 1957 by the Budd Company as Baggage Car 3547 for the ATSF, this car became part of the Amtrak fleet in 1971 and was renumbered 1061. In 1978 it was upgraded from steam heat to Head End Power (HEP), and renumbered 1228. Needing heavy repair, the car was stored in 2009 at Beech Grove until selected as one of the three 40th Anniversary Exhibit Train Display Cars.

40th Anniversary Store 85999. The 40th Anniversary Store Car 85999, built for Amtrak by the Budd Company in 1976 as Amclub 20130, which featured a "split club" configuration of 18 club seats at one end, 23 coach seats on the other. In 2000, the car was converted to Capstone Cafe car 85004 for use on the newly branded Acela Regional service. It was stored on July 31, 2005 due to an abundance of food service cars of this type in the fleet. It was selected to serve as a combination 40th Anniversary gift shop and display car for the Exhibit Train, with work being performed at the Bear, Del. and Beech Grove, Ind. maintenance facilities.

The rear of the train from the Track 4 platform.

The rear of the train from the Track 3 platform.

Display Car 10095.

Display Car 10093.

Display Car 10094.

Sleeper 10020.

Amtrak 822. With that picture AC Adam and I went inside this unique train set starting inside on Display Car 10093.

The Amtrak America Railroad Painting.

J. Craigh Thorpe Author Statement.

The first Amtrak Female Uniform.

The Amtrak Drumhead.

The Amtrak Chevron also known as the Pointless Arrow.

The Amtrak Timeline through the years.

The Amtrak West Emblem.

Welcome Aboard Amtrak.

The 2011 Amtrak System Map.

A 1970's Amtrak Train.

Display Case.

Dining Car Mock Up with an early Server's Uniform.

Amtrak Southwest.

Amtrak Northwest.

Amtrak Florida.

Amtrak East.

Amtrak Metroliner.

A Metroliner Seat.

The 1970's.

Amtrak Salutes The Military with 25% Savings.

Discover The Legend The Broadway Limited.

Another display case.

Not everyone was meant to fly All Aboard Amtrak.

The 1970's East.

Gas Pains? Take Amtrak for Relief.

A person enjoying the Amtrak 40th Anniversary Train.

The Time of the Future is years ahead of schedule.

1980's Superliner Train.

1980's Uniforms.

The Portland Section of the Empire Builder.

Another display case.

Another passenger seat.

Still more display cases.

China Settings.

Coach Attendant.

The 1980's.

Amfleet Seats.

Amtrak Conductor Uniform.

Amtrak Police Uniform.

The Empire Builder.

The Amtrak Police Display.

Amtrak Police Uniform

Today ride Amtrak across America's Heartland.

Another display case.

Amtrak Red Cap Uniform.

Amtrak Route Guides.

The ABC's of Station Codes.

Ski Amtrak.

Boston to New York in 3 hours and 55 Civilized Minutes.

Amtrak's Train Stations, Baggage Tags and Amtrak Vacations.

Various Amtrak Stuff.

Amtrak Air-Rail Travel Plans.

The 1990's.

Amtrak Timetables.

Amtrak's USA Rail Passes.

Take the New Amtrak Desert Wind.

The Sounds of Amtrak Horn Display.

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