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The Santa Fe 3751 Chase 5/14/2012 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

A few minutes later we heard a whistle and knew Santa Fe 3751 was coming our way.

Santa Fe 3751 and train rounds Sullivan's Curve and heads east up Cajon Pass. We then headed to Victorville for our next set of pictures.

Santa Fe 3751 and train went through the Upper Mojave Narrows then out of Victorville. We then headed out to just east of Lavic and the 104 degrees with a 20 MPH north wind at least moving the air. Before the train got here Keith Schmidt and Drew Mitchem joined me at my location. A few minutes later, here came our train we were waiting for.

Santa Fe 3751 and train headed east through Lavic. It was good to see Keith and Drew but they headed east chasing the train which got into Parker at 11:45 PM. We returned to Fullerton where Chris and I took Metrolink 606 back to Santa Ana before I drove us home. It had been a great and fun chase of the Santa Fe 3751 and I would be back out on the desert on Saturday when it returned west.