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West Texas & Lubbock Railroad Seagraves Line 11/21/2010 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

The train continued west towards Seagraves, Texas.

Our train ran by the Birdsong Peanut Plant.

Cotton fields across the highway.

Sulphur Spring Draw the bridge is the highest bridge on this rail line.

Wellman, Texas.

Milepost 59.

Colombia Carbon.

The Yard Limit Sign for Seagraves.

The Colombia Carbon Spur.

Milepost 60.

Power lines lead to a relay station.

The Seagraves Airport.

Crossing that main highway along our route.

The Seagraves Airport Landing Strip.

Seagraves, Texas. Our lead engine had to cut off to move some cars out of our path to where we were headed. Once it returned, we continued west through Seagraves.

The Seagraves Station Sign.

More of Seagraves.

The former Santa Fe Seagraves Station.

More of Seagraves, Texas before we reached our turn back point. The crew switched ends while we unloaded for a few static pictures.

This is as far as our trip west went.

The crew switching ends at Seagraves.

The west end static shot.

More tank cars at Seagraves.

Two static shots at Seagraves.

The old loading dock at Seagraves.

East end static shot at Seagraves.

Looking east down the rails at Seagraves. We all reboarded and we headed back towards Lubbock. I went to the lower level table in the Dome Car and wrote the story as we headed east and finished just east of Brownfield. We rolled east down the rails until we reached Ropersville where we unloaded for a static photo stop.

The Static Photos at Ropesville.

Our group reboarding the train.

The former Santa Fe Ropes Station Sign. I then reboarded the train. The last thing to shot was the North Pole where the Polar Express Trains run to.

This North Pole the snow is really cotton. We rolled east back to our boarding site to end today's trip. I helped Bart and Sarah unload the supplies from the train. Then Dave, Randy and I were off to Slaton, Texas to find a few things there.

The Harvey House in Slanton, Texas.

There is a wooden caboose here on site. From here we went in search of the Santa Fe steam engine in town. We asked a patron outside of a bar who gave use directions to it.

Santa Fe 2-6-2 1809 in a city park in Slanton, Texas.

The Builder Plate of the Santa Fe 1809. From here we started to head out of town.

A wall mural in Slanton, Texas very nicely done.

We made a stop when I saw this BNSF train switching in the yard. From here we headed back to Lubbock and went in search of the National Ranching Heritage Center. The Garman didn't get us there so we went to a gas station and got directions to it. There we found a few things of interest.

The Santa Fe Ropes, Texas station is located here.

Also here is FW&D 401 really CB&Q 2-8-2 4994 on a display train.

Three more views of the steam engine and display train. From here we went in search of the Fort Worth & Denver Station in town which is part of the Buddy Holly Museum.

The FW&D station in Lubbock.

This was a clue we were in the right place.

The Texas Historical Marker.

More views of the FW&D Station in Lubbock. From here we went back to the Super 8 Motel. We all regouped before Dave, Kathie, Randy, Marie and I went to the Texas Roundhouse where I had a 16 ounce Top Sirloin. After dinner it was back to the Super 8 where I finished up the story before calling it a night.