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Silver Rails Railfest Day 2 7/18/2011

by Chris Guenzler

We left the Depot Inn and Suites at 7:00 AM by taking Missouri Highway 156 west out of La Plata. The gates went down at the BNSF tracks and we unloaded for the first train of the day.

UP 8543 East. From here we continued west to Missouri Highway 3 which we went south on to Route J which we went north into Elmer where we spotted a headlight coming our way.

UP 7444 East with DPU's on the rear end. We stayed on Route J until we made a left onto Route F which took us into Ethel where we went straight onto Missouri Highway 149. We made a left on Beaver Street and a left on Crystal Lane taking it down to our first wooden bridge of the morning.

The old wooden bridge just west of Ethel.

Our group on the old wooden bridge just west of Ethel.

BNSF 5233 West came under us. We left by back tracking north to Beaver Street then took a left onto Bayport Ave to our second old wooden bridge of the morning.

The second old wooden bridge.

It would be great for an eastbound train.

The second old wooden bridge.

Our group's shadows down on the ballast.

BNSF 5204 West with a DPU on the rear end. We continued down Bayport Ave making a right on Bison Street taking it west to Missouri VV which we made a right to our next old wooden bridge of the morning.

BNSF 4728 East with NS 9439 as the rear unit. We went back south on Missouri VV to Missouri Z which we made a right on to reach the tracks at a grade crossing.

The Southwest Chief with Amtrak Heritage Unit 184 at the Missouri Z grade crossing. We went west of MO Z left on Anchor Road to our last old wooden bridge of the morning.

The last old wooden bridge of the morning.

BNSF 7384 East. We went south down Anchor Road, made a right on Apple Street which turned into Newton Road. Here we had two Union Pacific trains pass each other before we got there.

The DPU's in the middle of the train and the rear end of one of the two UP trains we just missed. From here we went north to Missouri 129 which we took south towards Bucklin but stopped at the BNSF grade crossing.

BNSF 6254 East. After that we stopped in Bucklin with a train in the siding on the old CB&Q line. After that we all were hungry so we went into Marceline to the Corner Cafe for lunch. After lunch we headed over to the Marceline Station but the gates went down across Santa Fe Avenue.

BNSF 8236 East. After that train we moved one crossing east to Crocker Street.

BNSF 5129 West with EMD 9025 as the second unit at Crocker Street in Marceline.

BNSF 7407 East at Crocker Street in Marceline. From here we went back out to Missouri Highway 5 then made a right on Broadway Street then went under the BNSF and made a left on Landau Drive north to the BNSF grade crossing.

BNSF 7234 West at Landau Drive.

BNSF 4100 East at Landau Drive. We learned that the BNSF Matt Rose Special train had just flew through La Plata. We decided to move to catch that train. We took Landau Drive north to Lisbon Road which we went east on to Mohawk Drive where we set up to catch this special train.

A BNSF Special Train with CEO Matt Rose aboard came with BNSF 6618, Stampede Pass, Rollins Pass, Topeka, Fred Harvey and the Glacier View. With that we headed back up to US 36 which we took east to Callao and took Route 3 north to Missouri Highway 156 but went west to South Gifford to show them the old train station there.

The old CB&Q South Gifford Train Station. From there we headed back to La Plata stopping off at to show our guests that. After that we went back to the Depot Inn & Suites for a two hour break where I wrote this story. After that we went up to Colton's Steakhouse in Kirksville then returned to La Plata. I showed our group the Exhibition of Amtrak History before showing them my programs in the Meeting Room. With that done, I called it a night.