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PLA'S 2012 Winterail Photography Special 2/11/2012 Part 3

by Chris Guenzler

The train took us further into the canyon and we stopped at the place with the stairs which most of us climbed to get a great view of the train coming around the curve.

Our passenger train started backing to get out of the way for our next photo runbys.

The passenger train backed out of sight and headed back down the canyon.

The freight train backed out of sight.

Photo Runby 7 with the freight train.

Waiting for a passenger train.

We all saw smoke across the canyon.

The passenger train did photo runby 8.

We all walked back down to the train where our steam engine was taking on water. We headed up Niles Canyon to our final photo runbys location.

Two more views of Quincy Railroad 2.

The passenger train then backed down the canyon.

The freight train backed by our location.

Photo Runby 9 with the freight train.

Photo Runby 10 with the passenger train. We reboarded and soon returned to Sunol.

The train took on water back at Sunol.

The young railfan by the Quincy Railroad 2. A special thanks to the PLA for an excellent morning in Niles Canyon.

The Trip Home

We drove to an In and Out Burger in Livermore. From there it was straight down Interstate 5 with a stop at a rest area and gas at Castaic. They returned me to LAUPT at 6:15 PM and I said goodbye to Nick, Dave and Chris. I went into the station and learned that Surfliner 1790 was running late. I got a ride out to the Amfleet train and we were standing room all the way to when I detrained at Santa Ana. I drove home ending the Winterail 2012 Trip.