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PLA'S 2012 Winterail Photography Special 2/11/2012 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

We were at Niles and the engines would now switch trains to pull back through the canyon. Can you believe that these two engines most likely once meet at Quincy Jct like they are today in 2012 at Niles.

The Western Pacific 918-D came first, ran by us then cleared the switch by plenty to let the Quincy Railroad 2 follow it.

Next the Quincy Railroad 2 went by our location.

The engineer of the Quincy Railroad 2.

The Quincy Railroad 2 backed onto the Passenger Train and was then watered.

The Western Pacific 918-D now backed onto the freight train.

The Western Pacific 918-D with the freight train performed photo runby 3 as it left Niles.

The Passenger Train did photo runby 4.

The Passenger Train then backed into Niles.

Quincy Railroad 2.

Our passenger train is ready to board.

The engineer of the Quincy Railroad 2.

The passengers returned to our train and we left Niles. We headed east into Niles Canyon and came to the next photo runby location where I used my mountain goat skills to gain elevation.

The passenger train backed by us first.

The Freight train backed below my position.

Photo runby 5 with the freight train.

Photo Runby 6 with the passenger train. I climbed down safely back to the train then had a Coca-Cola onboard as the train continued up Niles Canyon.

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