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NRHS "The Arrowhead Vacationer" pulled by Soo Line 2719 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Tugboat Edna G

Edna G. Tugboat was built in 1896. The Edna G. has seen continuous service at Two Harbors, MN until her retirement, except when she was seized by the U.S. Government and sent to the East coast during WW1. There she guided naval vessels and hauled supplies. In 1974 the Edna G, was designated a National Historic Site, as the only steam powered tug operating on the Great Lakes. She was donated to the City of Two Harbors after her retirement in 1981 and is now a museum which I will tour for two dollars, a special price for NRHS members today.

Edna G. docked at the harbor.

The Canadian National Ore Docks.

I think we know who once owned this tug boat. I now toured this unique boat.

Inside the engine room of the Tugboat Edna G.

Looking out towards the harbor.

Inside the Tugboat Edna G control room.

The water cannon.

Looking off the rear of the Tugboat Edna G.

Looking down the side of the Tugboat Edna G.

Look what I found on the table in the Tugboat Edna G.

One more look at Canadian National Ore Dock at Two Harbors.

One more look at the Tugboat Edna G.

The train at the Two Harbors Station.

Soo Line 2719.

Soo Line 2719 and Missabe 316 which was added to our train at Two Harbors.

Two more views of Soo Line 2719 before I boarded the train to rest.

They respotted the train and coupled onto the Soo Line 2719.

Our train then backed out of Two Harbors out to that switch we had to past before heading forward to Duluth.


Our train pulled forward and headed around the curve towards the grade out of Two Harbors. The engine worked and barked climbing the grade and almost stalled as it got down to a slow walking speed but then conquered the hill and increased the speed of the train. They announced another photo runby at Knife River.

We unloaded at Knife River and here is the station building there.

Soo Line 2719.

The crew cleaned the ash pan and set some ties on fire but put it out with a water hose from the engine.

The back up move #2 at Knife River.


Photo Runby #2.

Back up move # 3

Photo runby #3.

A static pose at Knife River before we reboarded the train. Our train headed back to Duluth but was delayed at Lakeside for the 3:00 PM Lester River Train.

Our train returned to Duluth and I suggested to our car host that he tell the car's passengers to let the Skally Limited Trip passengers off the train first so we could get to the waiting buses. He did that and after they spotted the train at Duluth Union Station, I walked to the bus for my late afternoon trip on the Skally Limited.