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Driving Day to Zephyrhills, Florida 1/16/2023

by Chris Guenzler

Elizabeth and I awoke at Best Western Southside and after we checked out, had breakfast at Cracker Barrel before heading out to Lawtey.

Seaboard Air Line Lawtey station built in 1877. From here I drove us to Starke.

Seaboard Air Line Starke station built in 1900. We made our way to Waldo.

Seaboard Air Line offset cupola caboose 5355 built by the railroad in 1925.

Waldo Seaboard Coast Line built in 1963 which used to be served by Amtrak's Silver Palm; I stopped here after I finished the Amtrak system the first time. Our next stop was Gainsville.

Seaboard Air Line Gainsville station built in 1907. I next drove us to Archer.

Seaboard Air Line Archer station built in 1900.

Former location of Maddox Foundry 2-4-0 3 built by Baldwin in 1906 which is now under restoration. Continuing our journey south, we stopped at Williston.

Seaboard Airline Line station Williston station built in 1920 which is now used by a real estate agent. Elizabeth consulted the Surviving Steam Locomotives printout for Florida and found there were some steam engines in Williston so she navigated us to Kirby Family Farm.

M.A. Patout & Son 2-4-4T 3 "Beatrice" built by H.K. Porter in 1910. In 1939, it was transferred to Levert-St. John, Incorporated 3 near St. Martinville, Louisiana, then in 1959, sold to Sutton's Junk & Salvage Yards, Incorporated at New Iberia, Louisiana. Then in 1967, the engine was sold to John Denton at Eldon, Missouri before being bought by Keystone Light Railway Equipment at Herminie, Pennsylvania. In 1972, it was sold to Opryland and named "Beatrice". Finally, in 1984, it was converted to diesel-hydraulic.

Holly Hill Lumber 2-6-0 4 built by Glover Machine Works in 1925. In 1962, it was bought by Western Heritage USA then in 2020, sold to Kirby Family Farms.

Six Gun Territory 4-4-0 No. 4 "General Sam Houston" built by Crown Metal Products in 1964. After Six Gun Terrirtory closed in the mid-1980's, this and another were sold at auction, going to Jefferson Inn in Jefferson, Texas before being acquired by Kirby Family Farm.

One more view of the train here. From here we went to the other station in town but found a surprise.

United States Army SW8 2007 built by Electro-Motive Division in 1951 now Kirby Farms Railway locomotive in the Florida & Northern Yard.

Atlantic Coast Line Williston station owned by the Florida Northern. I drove us to Dunnelow.

Atlantic Coast Line Dunnelow built by the railroad in 1908.

A mural here.

Atlantic Coast Line caboose 0795 built by the railroad.

Dunnelow station historical board. Next I drove us to Dade City.

Atlantic Coast Line Dade City station built in 1912.

Not a station but Dade City Depot on Magnolia Street. Elizabeth then drove us to Quality Inn in Zephyrhills and went to Cracker Barrel for dinner before returning to the hotel.