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Peter Lerro Photo Charter With Southern Pacific 18 at Laws Railroad Museum Part 2 3/23/2023

by Chris Guenzler

Photo runby seven.

Reverse move.

Static photo.

The photo line.

Southern Pacific sits alone and silent.

Photo runby eight.

Reverse move. Two cars had been switched out of the train.

Reversing onto the remaining two cars, at which time the Model A returned.

Preparing for the next photo runby.

Getting Southern Pacific 18 ready.

Photo runby nine.

Reverve move.

The Model A and Monsignor John.

Photo runby ten.

Reverse move

Photo runby eleven.

Reverse move.

Photo runby twelve.

Reverse move.

This, photo runby thirteen was the final one of the morning. Peter told us all to meet him in the parking lot at 3:00 PM so Elizabeth and I drove back into Bishop and had lunch at Jack's Restaurant before returning to the hotel where I put the pictures into the computer then made pages for them. We returned to the museum a little early.

Laws station California historical plaque whose information is difficult to read. We walked across the street and Elizabeth showed me a caboose.

Fruit Growers Express (JFSX) caboose 447, built by Illinois Central in 1972 as Illinois Central 9447. We had seen this caboose in Barstow in July 2020. I re-entered the museum's grounds.

Carson and Colorado Laws station built in 1883.

Southern Pacific 9.

Both engines in one view.

Southern Pacific 18 reverses by us all.

Sara with her horse and burro. She was also arranged to be here by Peter Lerro.

Southern Pacific 9 sits silent and still.

Sara, her horse and burro with Southern Pacific 18.

The train in front of the Laws station.

Sara, her horse and burro.

Next was a staged loading of the combine.

Sara, her horse and burro were supposed to walk along the train and cross the tracks, but she had troubles with the burro so modifications became necessary.

Photo runby fourteen.

Photo runby fifteen.

Photo runby sixteen.

Photo runby seventeen.

Reverse move.

Photo runby eighteen.

Reverse move.

Photo runby nineteen.

Reverse move.

Photo runby twenty.

Reverse move.

Photo runby twenty-one.

Photo runby twenty-two.

Photo runby twenty-three.

Southern Pacific 18 with Sara, horse and burro.

Southern Pacific 18 steaming alone.

Southern Pacific 18, Sara, horse and burro.

Sara, horse and burro and the Sierra Nevada.

Southern Pacific 18 and the engine crew.

Photo runby twenty-four.

A static picture.

Looking through the turntable. It was not operational.

A crew member works the turntable.

Static photography with Southern Pacific 18.

Peter Lerro taking the group picture.\

The group photo, photography by Peter Lerro. With that, we decided to leave as the afternoon's activities were almost over and we were not staying for the night photo session. We drove back to Bishop, went to KFC for dinner then returned to the Comfort Inn where I finished the previous story then called it a night.

3/24/2023 Elizabeth and I arose and following our Internet duties, we checked out and went to Jack's Restaurant for the final breakfast of the trip. I drove down US 395 to Adelanto where we stopped for petrol then Elizabeth drove us over Cajon Pass down Interate 15 to CA Highway 91 to home at our apartment. It was great to be back home.