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Peter Lerro Photo Charter East Broad Top Day 2 4/28/2023

by Chris Guenzler

Elizabeth and I arose at 5:30 AM and after getting ready, we went to Sheetz to get breakfast to go then drove to Orbisonia where I started convert do my pictures from yesterday while we waited for the train to be readied. I finished about half of them before the train came into the station and the participants boarded two of the four coaches. We travelled over new trackage in the yard to the new coaling facility then detrained, using our umbrellas today as it was raining.

Our steam train reversing down the track.

The steam engine was really steaming this rainy and cool morning.

Photo runby one at the coal tipple.

Reverse move two.

Photo runby two with a crew member at the switch stand.

Reverse move three.

Photo runby three with the same crew member.

Reverse move four.

Photo runby four.

Posed pictures at the three way switch.

I just like this picture. We reboarded the train then departed the yard to do photo runbys, going north past Runk Road to a cut where we stopped and detrained.

I used one of Pete's stepstools to allow a higher vantage point for this fifth photo runby.

Reverse move five.

Photo runby five using the stepstool. We reboarded and went to the area of the electric fence north of our previous location.

Reverse move six.

The engine prepares to execute photo runby.

Photo runby six.

Reverse move seven. There was a slight delay before the next photo runby.

Photo runby seven. We reboarded and proceeded to Colgate Grove where the train was wyed then maded our way to our next photo runby location.

Reverse move eight.

Photo runby eight before we went up the cut.

Reverse move nine.

Photo runby nine.

The photo line on this very wet morning.

Reverse move ten.


Photo runby ten. We went south past Runk Road to our next photo location.

Reverse move eleven.

Photo runby eleven. Everyone moved across the tracks to a cut and set up for the next runby.

Reverse move twelve.

Photo runby twelve, after which we headed back to Orbisonia to our final runbys of the morning. Since the rain was showing no sign of letting up, Elizabeth and I decided that we would not return for the afternoon portion. I told Pete that we would be leaving after these and he asked "What did I think of this?" My response was one word "Fabulous!" Some of the others decided to call it a day as well.

Here is Pete carring a small chainsaw as he needed to cut down some of the vegetation he felt blocked some of the photographer's angles.

Reverse move thirteen.

Photo runby thirteen at Blacklog Creek.

Reverse move fourteen.

Photo runby fourteen. This was our last photo runby with the group and we reboarded the train for the rest of the short trip back across the street and stopped. As I detrained, I said goodbye to our conductor Jonathan then drove to Checkers Grill in Mount Union, where we dined with Tom Glover, who was also on the trip. After a fabulous lunch, we felt much better and I drove us over three ridges and miles of farmland to Carlisle where we found another station.

Cumberland Valley Carlisle station built in 1885. This brick station was originally a freight house with the seperate building as the passenger station. That passenger station, built in 1886, was subsequently torn down (around 1902) and a wood frame addition was built onto the brick building so it served both passengers and freight.

It was a short journey over to the Best Western Carlisle where we checked in and I started writing stories while Elizabeth did what she needed to on the Internet.