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Cass Scenic's 60th Anniversary Rail Heritage Photography Weekend Part 2 5/07/2023

by Chris Guenzler

Elizabeth and I arose at the Inn at Snowshoe and following our Internet duties, where Elizabeth received an e-mail from Walter Scriptunas II, informing everyone that we would start at 9:00 AM, we went across the road at the Almost Heaven Smokehouse and had an excellent breakfast. We drove down the mountain to Cass for the last time and joined the others at the depot. There we organized a photo line and soon Day 2 of the event commenced.

Photo runby one at the Cass Depot with today's version of the freight train.

Reverse move one.

Photo runby two.

Reverse move two.

The photo line.

Then the passenger train reversed past us and would join the photo festivities.

Photo runby three with both trains.

Reverse move four.

Photo runby four.

Reverse move five. It was now time to board the train for Whittaker.

The freight train would follow us up the mountain.

View of the line to Durbin that we rode yesterday.

Cass Railway three truck shay Meadow River 7 ex. sold to State of West Virginia Cass Scenic Railway 7 in 1964, exx sold to Meadow River Lumber Co. 7 at Rainelle, West Virginia in 1937, nee Raine Lumber Company 3 at Clover Lick, West Virginia, built by Lima in 1920.

W.M. Carney Mill Company three truck 36, ex. State of West Virginia in 1994, exx. leased to Cass Scenic Railway 36, exxx. George Kadelak, exxxx. Bear Creek Scenic Railroad at Robbinsville, North Carolina for display in 1973, exxxxx. Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum at Chattanooga, Tennessesse 1967, tranferred to Southern Railway Company in 1966, exxxxxx. corporate sale to New River Railway Company 36 1966, exxxxxxx. lease to Brimestone & New River Railway Corporation 36 1965, exxxxxxxx. transferred to Brimestone Railroad Company 36 at New River, Tennessee 1942, exxxxxxxx. moved to Maben, West Virginia, nee W.M. Ritter Lumber Company 36 at Oxley, West Virginia built in Lima in 1920.

Now sit back and enjoy the trip to the Lower Switchback.

We have reached the Lower Switchback.

Now enjoy the trip from the Lower Switchback to the Gum Curve where we detrained for more photo runbys.

The passenger train reversing up the hill.

Reverse move six.

Photo runby five with the freight train.

Reverse move seven.

Photo runby six.

Photo runby seven with the passenger train. Now sit back and relax as we travel from the Gum Curve to the Upper Switchback.

The trip from the Gum Curve to the Upper Switchback where there would be additional photo runbys.

View of the steam engine.

Where the engines and train would be going.

One more view of our engine before we unloaded for the photo runbys.

Reverse move eight.

Photo runby eight with our passenger train.

Reverse move nine.

Photo runby nine with the freight train.

The photo lines here.

Photo runby ten.

Reverse move ten.

The passenger train reversed down the track, picked us up and we went to the "S Curve" for more photo runbys. Enjoy the trip to the "S curves".

The rather short trip to the "S curves".

Reverse move eleven.

Photo runby eleven with our passenger train.

Photo runby twelve with the freight train.

Reverse move twelve.

Photo runby thirteen.

Reverse move thirteen. The passenger train picked us up as it started to rain.

Next stop would be to Whittaker and a lunch break. Elizabeth and I used our umbrellas to get to the covered lunch area and we had a good meal. Afterwards, they announced a photo runby but we decided to shoot it from the open car under cover.

Reverse move fourteen.

Photo runby fourteen at Whittaker. I relaxed the whole way back to Cass except for a few pictures.

The grade crossing crossbucks at Back Mountain Road.

The final picture we returned to Cass, ending an excellent Cass Scenic's 60th Anniversary Rail Heritage Photography Weekend. We enjoyed the experience and all the people we met.

Elizabeth and I detrained and visted the station gift shop where she purchased a few things for us, during which time I moved the car over to the depot so she would not have to walk in the rain.

We left Cass via Durbin and headed east on US 250 East to Interstate 81 which we took north. We stopped at Jersey Mike's for dinner before I drove us to Hagerstown to the Ramada Plaza Hotel in this city for the night.

5/7/2023 We slept in then did our Internet duties before eating the hotel's breakfast. I then drove us to the off-airport car rental center where we returned the car and had to wait for second bus back to Baltimore Washington Airport where we checked our bags. We then went to the gate but all the seats were taken so we went to a nearby gate to wait, returning to ours closer to the time but since our boarding passes were in Group "C", I knew we could not sit togther on the airplane.

Southwest Airlines 3040 5/7/2023

I was not a happy flyer with Elizabeth three rows behind me. After watching two of my new railrosd DVDs, I did word search puzzles which got me to Las Vegas and I deplaned after a passenger had a medical problem and had to have the paramedics called in.

Elizabeth stopped at Jersey Mike's to get our dinner while I went to the gate and worked on a story while I waited for the final flight.

Southwest Airlines 503 5/7/2023

This was a 45 minute flight and Elizabeth let me have a Coca Cola which finally arrived right before our descent into Orange County. Once back on the earth, we retrieved our luggage and waited out by the curb for Ana Filipek, who drove back to apartment then we were back home, ending another great trip with Elizabeth, my most wonderful wife.