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Arkansas and Missouri Railroad Shop Tour 9/23/2022

by Chris Guenzler

The bus of National Railway Historical Society autumn conference members arrived back in Springdale and I toured the Museum of the Arkansas and Missouri Railroad before waiting for the tour to start.

Our tour

After a slight delay we walked across Emma Street, through the gate and beside the shop building.

The official name is the Arkansas and Missouri Railroad J.R. McCarren Locomotive Shop. We went inside.

Arksansas and Missouri T6 18, ex. Maryland and Delaware 18, nee Norfolk and Western 19, built by American Locomotive Company in 1959.

Arkansas and Missouri SD70ACe 70, ex. CAT Display Locomotive, built by Electro-Motive Division as EMDX 1201 in 2012.

Arkansas and Missouri C-424 34, ex. Arkansas and Missouri 02, nee Belt Railroad of Chicago 602, built by American Locomotive Company in 1965. We then went outside.

Arkansas and Missouri RS-32 30 , ex. Arkansas and Missouri 42, exx. Maryland and Delaware 42, exxx. Conrail 2013, exxxx. Penn Central 2031, nee New York Central 8031. It was built by American Locomotive Company in 1961.

Arkansas and Missouri C-420 50, ex. Essex Terminal 106, nee Leigh Valley 22, built by American Locomotive Company in 1963. This unit is out of service.

Arkansas and Missouri C-424 32, ex. Arkansas and Missouri 01, nee Belt Railway of Chicago 601, built by American Locomotive Company in 1965.

Arkansas and Missouri C-420 42, ex. Ohio Central 7220, nee Erie Mining 600, built by American Locomotive Company in 1965.

Arksansas and Missouri T6 12, ex. Maryland and Delaware 12, nee Norfolk and Western 46, built by American Locomotive Company in 1959.

Arksansas and Missouri SD70ACe 73, ex. Progress Rail 4028, nee Kansas City Southern 4028, built by Electro-Motive Division in 2011.

Shop view. We bussed back to the Holiday Inn and I went to Arby's for my dinner and stopped at Walgreens to get Elizabeth some more batteries for her camera. Elizabeth remained at the hotel since she was not hungry and had things to prepare for tomorrow's Advisory Council meeting.

9/24/2022 Elizabeth and I awoke and following our Internet duties, we had breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. Elizabeth attended the NRHS Advisory Council meeting in the morning since she is the National Representative for the Central Coast Chapter and I drove down to Van Buren to see two of my favorite people in the world, Bart and Sarah Jennings who both work for the Arkansas and Missouri Railroad.

St. Louis and San Francisco Van Buren station.

Bart was busy getting the tickets in order this morning.

Bart with his favorite bear. He distributes all the pre-bought tickets as passengers arrive.

Sarah was hard at work getting everything ready; she sells the walk-up tickets.

Sarah assisting a passenger. Bart and I enjoyed a good talk between passengers arriving then I left Van Buren before putting petrol in the car then returned to Springdale. I worked on the Van Buren trip story before Elizabeth returned with the news that she was now officially the Seceratary of the NRHS Advisory Council. I am very proud of her for this and her other accomplishments within the NRHS and the Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society.

The two of us then attended the lengthy NRHS Board Meeting, where Tony White became President. In the evening, we attended the banquet where I enjoyed the Roast Pork Tenderloin and Elizabeth had the salmon. The speaker was the President of the host Arkansas-Boston Mountains chapter Mike Sypult who gave a presentation on Railroads of Northwest Arkansas. After that I finished up the Fort Smith Trolley story before I called it a night.