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Railfanning in the Sallisaw Area 9/20/2022

by Chris Guenzler

Elizabeth and I awoke at the Cantlin's son-in-law James and Rebekah's house in Sallisaw and after showering and preparing for the day, amended yesterday's story then did our Internet duties. We drove to Ruger's Grill for breakfast with James, Rebekah, David and Rachael. I had French Toast and bacon which was excellent, as was Elizabeth's Western Omelette. Afterwards, we had a few photographs to take in Sallisaw.

Missouri Pacific Sallisaw station. We went to the 14 Flags exhibit in town.

A mural on a wall there.

Union Pacific caboose 25567 built by International Car in 1964.

The old Sallisaw station.

14 Flags exhibit, depicting the fourteen countries and Indian tribes that started Sallisaw in the late 1880's.

The Blair Cabin is also the Trail of Tears Interpretive Center.

Museum view.

Lattimore Stage Stop.

Okla. General Store.

Judge Faulkner's Cabin 1845 is also the 14 Flag Museum. We returned to David and Rachael's house.

Titus the kitten and my loving wife Elizabeth. David has a large collection of railroad books and Elizabeth offered to create a book list for him. He was happy to have her do that and this morning she finished compiling the details. After that, she drove David and myself to Marble City.

United States Lime and Minerals Incorporated SW7 107, built by Electro Motive Division in 1950 as Pennsylvania Railroad 9369. The Lime and Limestone Operations manufactures lime and limestone products, supplying primarily the construction (including highway, road and parking lot contractors), metals (including steel producers), environmental (including municipal sanitation and water treatement facilities and flue gas treatment), oil and gas services, industrial (including paper and glass manufacturers), roof shingle and agriculture (including poultry and cattle feed producers) industries. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and primarily serves markets in the Central United States and consists of open-pit quarries and an underground mine, plants and distributions facilities owned by US Lime's wholly owned subsidiaries: Arkansas Lime Company, Colorado Lime Company, Texas Lime Company, U.S. Lime Company, U.S. Lime Company - Shreveport, U.S. Lime Company - St. Clair and U.S. Lime Company - Transportation.

The telltale and the railroad bridge.

The railroad bridge across the Sallisaw Creek. From here we drove into Stilwell.

Kansas City Southern Stilwell station built in 1915. We went into the museum.

Kansas City Southern Fairmont motor car 100.

Excellent exhibits in this museum.

The Southern Belle at the Stilwell station. David was at Rowan's Restaurant and the two of us enjoyed some ice cream while David had a cherry turnover and a drink. We heard the whistle of a train approaching from the south.

Kansas City Southern 4766 north with BNSF DPUs 6040 and 6788 in Stilwell. We returned to David's house and he showed us some of his slide programs from the Autumn Leaf shows in Centralia, Washington. After that it was time for us to go so we said goodbye to David and Rachael. Elizabeth then drove us to Arby's for dinner before we drove to James and Rebekah's house for a final night here.