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The road to Dalhart, Texas 9/26/2022

by Chris Guenzler

Elizabeth and I woke up at the Holiday Inn Express in Catoosa, Oklahoma and we had the hotel's breakfast then finished our Internet duties. After checking out, I drove us through Tulsa and out to Cleveland.

Missouri-Kansas-Texas Cleveland station built in 1950. The crossing gates started to come down but I got to the sunny side.

BNSF 7135 West came through, after which we headed next to Perry.

Santa Fe Perry station built in 1886.

BNSF 5034 East here. We then drove northwest to Enid.

Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific station in Enid, built in 1928. The location of this depot prompted a year-long railroad war. The Rock Island tried to stop in North Enid and bypass the government town of South Enid. A statute signed by Grover Cleveland eventually ended the conflict in 1894 requiring the Rock Island to stop at both sites, but South Enid is the town that became present-day Enid.

Santa Fe Enid station.

Santa Fe freight house, home of the Oklahoma Railway Museum. Since they are only open Friday through Sunday and the museum is fenced, we could not visit. I then drove us to Ringwood.

St. Louis-San Francisco Ringwood station. We continued west to Woodward.

Santa Fe combined passenger station and freight house built in 1949 after the original depot was destroyed by a tornado.

Fort Worth and Northwestern Woodward station later used by the Missour-Kansas-Texas Railroad. Our next stop was Hardesty.

A converted boxcar served as the Rock Island's station in Hardesty, long since abandoned. I then drove us to Guymon.

Chicago and North Western caboose 11086 painted as Rock Island 17201.

Phillips 66 Petroleum oil well and a plaque explaining the history. Elizabeth then drove us to the Best Western Inn in Dalhart, Texas. After getting settled, I drove around Dalhart to see what I could find, while Elizabeth caught up on e-mail.


Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Dalhart station built in 1950.

Union Pacific train and engines.

Union Pacific C45ACCTE 7887 and GP40-2 1338.

Chattahoochee Locomotive {CLCX} PL850:4S 10131 built on the frame of Laurinburg & Southern NW2 126 at the Sweet Bran plant.

Cargill {CRGX} GP9 406; history unknown as this appears to be a new acquisition and not on any of the CRGX roster websites at the time of this writing. Back at the hotel Elizabeth and I watched "NCIS" before finishing yesterday's story then calling it a night.