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An Afternoon Trip to Fullerton 6/22/2022

by Chris Guenzler

After reading on Trainorders that the Southwest Chief was having another daylight run through California from Kingman, Arizona, Elizabeth and I decided that a visit to Fullerton was in order this afternoon. I checked the Internet and we left about 12:15 PM, going by the Union Pacific yard in Anaheim but had no luck there, so we continued on to Fullerton by way of surface streets. Elizabeth walked over to the British Grocer about four blocks away from the station and I walked up to the pedestrian bridge and sat down. They really should have padded benches up here but Fullerton is not that smart. It did not take to long for my first train to arrive; the eastbound train sitting on Track 2 had been here for over ten days.

BNSF 8063 West came into Fullerton.

Next the La Mirada local came through with a BNSF caboose, now a shoving platform, led the way east.

Norfolk Southern 1227 West came through next.

Northfolk Southern SD70AC 1227 was leading this Burlington Northern Santa Fe train this afternoon. Elizabeth then returned, having been successful in her shopping.

BNSF 7567 East came on Track 3.

BNSF 4226 East came on Track 1.

The La Mirada local returned to Fullerton.

The power for this local was GP60s 158 and 179. Elizabeth then went to get herself some lunch from the Santa Fe Express Cafe.

The local then headed to points east and with Pacific Surfliner 777 due, all the passengers had to use the pedestrian bridge to get to Track 3 from Track 1.

Pacific Surfliner 777 heading to San Luis Obispo had to wait for the paasengers to cross the bridge with the San Diego protection power on the point.

A BNSF freight snuck up so no picture of the power.

Pacific Surfliner 777 then headed to points north.

Next on Track 3 was Metrolink 684.

Metrolink 684 was headed to Laguna Niguel.

BNSF 6810 West was our next train on Track 1.

BNSF 7909 West was right behind that train on Track 1.

Pacific Surfliner 580 came in on Track 3.

Pacific Surfliner 580 then left for San Diego.

Southwest Chief 3 arrived on Track 1 into the station this afternoon.

Southwest Chief 3 departed Fullerton 8 hours, 57 minutes late and headed to Los Angeles. After a fruitful three hours, we took surface streets all the way home.