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BNSF Shippers Special to San Diego 2/21/2022

by Chris Guenzler

On February 19th 2022, I posted my picture of the Super Bowl Train at Commerce, California on and asked if anyone knew when it may be leaving. That evening, "sfdrrfan3", who is known as Scott, posted the following, "It will be departing for San Diego Monday February 21 to run a trip from San Diego to Oceanside and return on Tuesday February 22, then will leave San Diego for San Bernardino Tuesday evening and will depart as a deadhead move for Topeka on Wednesday February 23".

Elizabeth and I had a plan to catch this train as it made its way south through Santa Ana. We drove down to the station the morning of the 21st and waited on the steps of the pedestrian walkway for the train to pass through. First we heard the horn of the Metrolink train to San Bernardino that we would have normally ridden.

Metrolink 802 arrived then departed Santa Ana. As we waited, I went up to the pedestrain bridge to look north of the tracks. The last time I did this I saw the train coming down Track One and had to relocate myself for the pictures.

The BNSF Shippers Special came through Santa Ana this morning. We returned back to our apartment two very happy railfans.