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White Pine Public Museum 2/26/2021

by Chris Guenzler

Our next stop in Ely was a place I had wanted to visit but they were closed on of my previous visits to this town. Today was my lucky day.

White Pine Public Museum Information

Organized by the Ely Business and Professional Women's Club in August 1959. Originally the exhibits were on loan or donated through the generosity of the citizens of White Pine County. The McGill Drug Store was donated to the museum by the Culbert family and we are now known as the White Pine Public Museum and Historical McGill Drug Store. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The museum promotes the diverse stories and history of our area for the education and benefit of all generations. In 1982 a 12,000 year-old giant Short Faced Cave Bear was discovered in Spring Valley by local cavers and is on display in our museum. Other indoor exhibits include a Lincoln Highway display, Native American artifacts and mining history and geology in White Pine County and Great Basin Area. You can visit the Cherry Creek depot, a 1 room school house, log cabins and other outdoor exhibits including mining equipment, a caboose and other artifacts. The Historical McGill Drug Store is a time capsule and remains as it was in the heydays of the town of McGill, including many products "on the shelf" from many years ago. This is a satellite museum, and can be scheduled periodically for tours by contacting the White Pine Public Museum at (775)-289-4710. Funding depends on membership fees, donations, our gift shop sales and grants. Volunteers and two part-time staff operate our museum. School field trips are welcome and can be scheduled by calling the museum. When you visit our museum to learn, discover, entertain, or escape you will revisit the history, cultural diversity and nostalgia of simpler times and the hard times in the lives of miners, ranchers and pioneers.

Our Visit

Elizabeth and I entered the Museum Building and met the curator. I told him that I was writing a story for, the world's largest railroad-related web site and he waived the admission. We walked through the building and saw many interesting exhibits on Ely's history, but it was outside that I really wanted to see.

The Cherry Creek Nevada Northern station built in 1907.

The plaque on the Cherry Creek Nevada Northern Station.

The waiting room in the station.

The station master's office in the station.

The station master's living room.

The station's master kitchen.

The station's master bedroom. Now we will explore the outside exhibits.

Nevada Northern box car 1025.

KCC molten copper car.

Kennecott Copper bobber caboose 12.

Kennecott Copper steeple cab 80.

Pile drivers.

Mining tools display.

Mining equipment.

Another pile driver here.

Narrow gauge mining cart.

Gilbert cabin, which served as Ely's post office for several years.

Snow plows.

Museum scene.

1870's ore wagon.

The mural on the side of the museum building. We enjoyed our time at the White Pine Public Museum, a place I recommend anyone who visits Ely to see. It was a short drive to the East Ely Nevada Northern station. We went inside and checked in for the Winter Photo Shoot, receiving lanyards and instructions, then each purchased two of their new T-shirts.

East Ely Nevada Northern station built in 1907 and home to the Nevada Northern Railway.

Elizabeth beside the National Historic Landmark sign.

The author beside the same sign. The two of us went to Subway for lunch then returned. I uploaded the photos of the day so far until it was time for the orientation and safety meeting at 1:00 PM.