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Onward to Ely, Nevada 10/7/2021

by Chris Guenzler

Elizabeth and I awoke at the Best Western Mountain View Inn in Springville, Utah and after our morning preparations, we walked across the road to Denny's where we had an excellent breakfast. We returned to the inn and we finished up a few things then I loaded the car while Elizabeth walked to the front and checked us out. I then drove us to Interstate 15 south to US 6 west and we went to Eureka and found the station we missed on our honeymoon trip.

Denver and Rio Grande Western Eureka station, home to the Tintic Mining Museum.

The National Register of Historic Places plaque of the building. D&RGW's Tintic Branch was cut back from Silver City to Eureka in 1943. The agent was removed from the Eureka depot in September 1961, but the agency had been closed by special permission since January 1961, after the last shipping mine was closed in December 1960. Although other mines may have begun shipping ore at some later time, the 1961 application showed that the last train operated out of Eureka on December 29, 1960. At some time between May 1966 and June 1967, the time period between D&RGW Utah Division timetables No. 6 and No. 7, Rio Grande's Tintic Branch was changed from ending at Eureka, to end at the Iron King mine on the former Goshen Valley Railroad. The Goshen Valley Branch had originally consisted of two lines; one from its connection to the Tintic Branch at Pearl Junction to the Iron King mine, and another from Dividend Junction on the line to Iron King, to the Dividend mine. This change in 1966-1967 eliminated the line to Dividend (the Dividend mine had closed in 1949), and changed the Tintic Branch to end at the Iron King mine (new mile post 33.8), instead of extending all the way to Eureka (old mile post 39.1).In August 1972 the Interstate Commerce Commission approved D&RGW's request to abandon the Tintic Branch from Pearl Junction to Eureka, 13.13 miles, along with the Goshen Valley Branch from Flora to Dividend, 2.70 miles.

A miniature 4-4-0 steam engine was on display.

Tintic Iron Co. mine cars for its Mingo smelter.

A detailed view of one of the mine cars. From here we drove west on US 6 then north on Utah 36.

Clouds over a peak along Utah Highway 36. We then turned onto Interstate 80 west.

Light motive power Union Pacific 3917 and 4417 on a local freight.

Eastbound reflections along Interstate 80.

Union Pacific 8322 West west of Dell siding. We drove to West Wendover, Nevada and stopped at the Welcome to Nevada building to get a map but they were closed for lunch. I then drove to US 93A.

The long and straight US 93A. We took this road to the junction of US 93 but we turned north.

Storm clouds on the way to Currie.

We parked and took this rear picture but a barbed wire fence was between us and the building. I relocated the car and we walked down the track to the station.

The Nevada Northern Currie station built in 1907.

The Nevada Northern tracks that ran to Shafter and Colbre. We headed south back down US 93 through more rainstorms.

Rain showers off to the northwest in the Steptoe Valley.

Interesting clouds on the way to McGill where we pulled in to see the station just as the rain began here. We continued on to Ely and Elizabeth checked us into the Ramada Inn Annex across the Great Basin Highway. Doug Scott, a friend of ours and a fellow NRHS member, was in town for the Nevada Northern charter and we contacted him about having dinner with us tonight. He called and we arranged a time and place. I started the story while Elizabeth caught up on e-mail then we walked around the block before we driving over to the Nevada Northern Railway where we bought two of their new T-shirts and walked around the freight house where met Doug. We returned to the room and relaxed until 5:50 PM, when we drove to Racks Bar and Grill, met Doug and had a good dinner. I enjoyed the pork chops and Elizabeth had fish and chips. Later, I finished this story and we called it a night.