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Pre-Nevada Northern Photo Charter Day 1 10/08/2021

by Chris Guenzler

This morning we woke up at the Ramada Inn in Ely and first went to the Nardi's Family Restaurant where I had French Toast and bacon. We returned to the room and both checked our Internet. After that I drove Elizabeth across the Great Basin Highway and we checked out. I then drove us west on US 50 to west of Ruth to show he the tracks that myself, Carl Morrison, Don Drummer and Don Roe had ridden.

Those tracks that Nevada Northern 93 took us over. I drove Elizabeth into Ruth, which is one of her middle names, from her grandmother. In Ruth we found another phony steam engine.

The phony steam engine here. We then pulled off after the next grade crossing.

Two views of the same railroad that I had ridden in 2004. We returned to Ely, filled the car with petrol then drove over to the Holiday Inn Express but the rooms were not yet ready so we left our luggage behind their counter. From here it was a short trip to the East Ely station and parked. We walked into the yards and found a surprise.

My very first picture of Nevada Northern 2-8-0 81 under steam.

Nevada Northern caboose 3.

Nevada Northern caboose 6.

A much better picture of Nevada Northern 2-8-0 81 under steam.

Nevada Northern 2-8-0 81 and train set.

Nevada Northern 2-8-0 81 looking good in the late morning sun.

Nevada Northern 2-8-0 81 started backing.

Nevada Northern 81 started its trip to Keystone this morning. Elizabeth and I tried to find the grade crossing but just missed the train so we headed to the west side of the tunnel to set up for the train. We started to hear the steam engine's whistle and it was coming towards us so we waited.

The scene before the steam engine arrived.

Nevada Northern 81 exits the tunnel in Robinson Canyon, which is also a fallout shelter for the citzens of Ely.

Nevada Northern 81 in lower Robinson Canyon.

Nevada Northern 81 in middle of the canyon.

Nevada Northern 81 also in middle Robinson Canyon.

Nevada Northern 81 in upper Robinson Canyon. We drove to the former bridge at Keystone.

Nevada Northern 81 arrived in Keystone.

Nevada Northern 81 at rest.

Nevada Northern 81 backing into the Keystone Wye then returned to the car and drove to the East Ely Depot to start the event.