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Nevada Northern Winter Steam Spectacular 2/28/2021

by Chris Guenzler

Our alarm went off at 6:00 AM but we stayed in bed until 6:15 AM when I turned on the computer and checked things. We had to scrape the ice off the windshield before we could drive to McDonald's on a very cold morning here in Ely and brought breakfast back to the room. After we ate our meals, we packed up and checked out then drove to the East Ely station. Elizabeth and I stood in the sun making us feel warmer than it really was before we walked down to the end of the platform to start photography for today.

The bunkhouse I stayed in in 2019 and Nevada Northern 2-8-0 93.

Nevada Northern 2-8-0 93. The crew was scraping out the coals which made a weird sound that Elizabeth had not heard before.

Nevada Northern wooden combine car 5 built in 1886. This was part of the White Pine Public Museum, but was returned to Nevada Northern Railway with the trade of Cherry Creek Depot which is displayed at that museum today.

Nevada Northern baggage/railway post office 20 built 1905.

The steam engine approaching the train to couple up to it.

The steam engine on the front of the train. I was the first person aboard the train today and found seats at the rear of combine 5. The equipment had air brake problems which delayed our departure this morning. After one final air test, we departed Ely at 8:52 AM. These cars were unheated but with the sun shining in, they warmed up quite nicely. The train ran out to the Moser Cut and we all detrained for the first photo runby of the day.

The train after I got off and set up for my photos.

The backup move.

Photo runby one. I relocated myself after each runby throughout the day.

The backup move.

Photo runby two.

The backup move.

Photo runby three. We reboarded the train and went to Hi Line Junction.

The backup move.

The photo line.

Photo runby four.

The backup move.

Photo runby five.

The backup move.

Photo runby six.

The Yard Limit sign at Hi Line Junction. We headed back through East Ely up to the tunnel where we would detrain for the next sets of photo runbys.

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