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Nevada Northern Railway Winter Photo Spectacular 2/26/2021

by Chris Guenzler

The participants in this year's Winter Photo Shoot assembled at the Depot at 1:00. Mark Bassett, the President of the Nevada Northern, introduced himself and the crew and discussed safety, the weekend's activities and the do's and don'ts. Steve Crise, who was leading the night photo session for the last time, then spoke about that event, and urged those joining the night photo session to become familiar with the manual settings on their cameras. During his talk, Steve introduced the two people who were going to be taking over in the future, Ben and Jen. With that, everyone walked over to the coaling tower for the first set of runbys. There would be two runbys in each location throughout the weekend, unless otherwise requested.

Nevada Northern RS-3 109 and RS-2 105 on the point of the ore train before it backed down the yard. Hearing them chugging as Alcos do was music to my ears.

Nevada Northern RS-3 109.

Nevada Northern RS-2 105.

The ore train backed past the station and switched tracks to be ready for the first photo runby.

Photo runby one at the coaling tower.

Backup move for the second runby.

Photo runby two at the coaling tower. Everyone relocated for the next round.

Photo runby three beside the car shop.

Part of the photo line. I moved across the tracks for the fourth runby.

Photo runby four beside the car shop.

The ore train reversing past the photo location.

NVRR RS-2 105.

NVRR RS-3 109.

The train backed up to the far end of the yard and we made our way down.

The wig-wag crossing signals that we visit a little later.

Photo runby five.

The backup move.

Our photographers enjoying themselves. I relocated for a different vantage point.

Photo runby six.


The train reversed to the next location and Erik led us there.

Photo runby seven at the grade crossing.

The backup move in preparation for the eighth runby.

Photo runby eight at the grade crossing.

Elizabeth enjoying the runby and seeing Alcos in operation.

As we were led to the upcoming runby location, I spied Nevada Northern 2-8-0 93 moving about the yard.

Photo runby nine at the fill which featured both coming towards and going away photographic opportunities.

The backup move.

Photo runby ten.

The ore train reversed again and everyone made their way to the wig-wag signal crossing.

Photo runby eleven.

The backup move, then I crossed the tracks for a different view.

Photo runby twelve.

Kennecott Copper RS-3 109 during the twelfth runby.

Kennecott Copper RS-2 105 during the twelfth runby.

KCC 109 leads the train as it reverses to relocate for the last set of runbys of the day.

One of the photographers asked Elizabeth if her name was Ruth. She replied that it was one of her middle names. So we both took a picture of her in front of Nevada Northern passenger car 08 "Ruth".

Striking a pose.

A few of our photographers set up by the spreader.

Photo runby thirteen in front of the station.

The reverse move, and I moved also.

Photo runby fourteen, and the last of the day. It had been a fantastic afternoon of Alcos and runbys. Since neither of us were participating in the night photo session, we returned to the car and drove to the White Pines Motel and checked in. After checking things on the Internet, the stories of today's activities were worked on but as I was not feeling good, I took a nap and just rested. Elizabeth went to Denny's for dinner and her fried Alaskan cod with vegetables and potatoes hit the spot. We called it a night early as we had an early start in the morning.