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Back to St. Louis and a visit to the National Museum of Transportation 4/22/2021

by Chris Guenzler

Elizabeth and I woke up at the Quality Inn in Cape Girardeau. After checking the Internet and checking out we drove Interstate 55 to Perryville for our final MacDonald's breakfast which we ate outside at a table. From here we drove to the final destination of the trip.

Life is a highway on Interstate 55 as we drove to St. Louis, then took Interstate 270 to the the exit then followed the signs to our final destination.

National Museum of Transportation

The National Museum of Transportation is a private, 42-acre transportation museum in the Kirkwood suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. Founded in 1944, it restores, preserves and displays a wide variety of vehicles spanning 15 decades of American history: cars, boats, aircraft and in particular, locomotives and railroad equipment from around the United States. The museum is also home to a research library of transportation-related memorabilia and documents. At the southwest corner of the property is West Barretts Tunnel. Built in 1853, it is one of a pair of tunnels that were the first to operate west of the Mississippi River. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. The museum has its own railway spur to an active main line formerly owned by the Missouri Pacific Railroad, now by the Union Pacific Railroad. This has allowed the museum to take possession of large and unusual pieces of railroad equipment. A miniature railroad operates around a loop of track near the parking lot and a full-sized restored trolley operates Thursday–Sunday from April through October.

The Museum was founded in 1944 by a group of historically-minded citizens who had acquired the mule-drawn streetcar "Bellefontaine". In 1948, the Transport Museum Association incorporated as a non-profit educational organization to better serve the financial and volunteer needs of the Museum. Land was acquired on Barrett Station in St. Louis County, along the right-of-way of the historic Missouri Pacific Railroad, and over the years, the mule-drawn streetcar was joined by hundreds of other significant exhibits. On September 1, 1979, the St. Louis County Department of Parks and Recreation formally assumed the operation and development of the Museum, accepting it as a gift from the original founders in February 1984.

Our visit

We parked the car then started to look around.

The Rock Island Aerotrain 3 built 1955 is under restoration.

Wabash Railroad caboose 2847 sits in front of the William R. and Laura Rand Orthwein Education and Visitor Center, a new building since my last visit here in 2008. We went inside and paid to see this most excellent museum. We walk out of this building to Miniature Train station.

This gasoline-powered CP Huntington would pull our train. Now sit back and enjoy a ride on the two loop ride aboard the Miniature Train.

The St. Joe Mining Corporation Mine Train built in 1942.

The St. Joe Mining Corporation shovel machine.

The Rock Island Aerotrain.

Rock Island Aerotrain coaches.

Missouri Pacific Rail Motorbus 604.

Missouri Pacific extended vision caboose 13546.

Museum of Transportation Bus 7063.

That was the two laps on the Miniature Train.

We left the Miniature Train and now will continue with our visit here.

Milwaukee Road American Refrigerator Transit 52461 built in 1929.

Burlington Northern extended vision caboose 10032 built 1969 for the Northern Pacific.

Milwaukee Road express car URTX 37144 built in 1948.

Monsanto Chemical tank car MCHX 117 built in 1940.

Northern Pacific caboose 1082 built in 1948.

Missouri Pacific caboose 13899 built in 1980.

American Car and Foundry ACFX covered hopper 26640 built in 1960.

Union Tank Car Company UTLX 3882 built in 1936.

Union Tank Line tank car 14387 built in 1910.

Chicago & Illinois Midland 2-8-2 551 built in 1928.

Chicago Burlington & Quincy shovel nose Silver Charger 9908 built in 1939.

Burlington Railway Express Post Office Car 1942 built in 1922.

Burlington Railway Express Agency 1582 built in 1916.

Burlington coach 6117 built in 1917.

Georgia Railroad 0-6-0 724 built in 1896.

United States Army gas turbine 1149 built in 1952.

Spokane, Portland & Seattle caboose 884 built in 1954.

City of St. Louis Water District Whitcomb 15 ton model SRD 1 built in 1924.

Milwaukee Road Bi-Polar E2 built in 1920.

H.P. Hood and Sons Milk Tank Car SPEX 1057 built 1930.

Pennsylvania Railroad flat car 470833 built in 1955 and Missouri Pacific trailer MPZ 253273.

Illinois Terminal Boxcab Class B 1575 built in 1918.

New York Central Class S2 electric locomotive 113 built in 1906.

Joplin Missouri Pittsburgh Kansas Plymouth 2003 built in 1936.

GATX Whale Belly Tank Car 96500 is the largest tank car in the world and was built in 1965.

Baltimore & Ohio 1800 horsepower locomotive 50 built in 1935.

Frisco 2-10-0 Decapod 1621 built in 1918.

Sabine River & Northern Model NC 408 built in 1937.

Museum scene.

Erie Lackawanna SD-45 3607 built in 1967.

Texas and Pacific combine 1603 The Train of Thought Education Rail Car.

New York Central Mohawk 4-8-2 2933 built in 1929.

Santa Fe Texas 2-10-4 5011 built in 1944.

Nickel Plate 4-6-4 170 built in 1927.

Union Pacific Big Boy 4-8-8-4 4006 built in 1941.

Union Pacific Rotary Snow Plow 900081 built in 1966.

Museum scene.

Union Pacific DD-40AX 6944 built in 1971.

Cotton Belt wedge snow plow 95589 built in 1913 from a "Vanderbilt" tender of a Rock Island 2-8-2.

Chesapeake and Ohio 2-8-4 2727 built in 1944.

Boston and Providence Daniel Mason 4-4-0 17 the oldest locomotive in the collection built in 1863.

Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Camelback 4-4-0 952 built in 1905.

General Motors FTA 103 built in 1939.

Museum scene.

Reading Railroad 2-2-2T Black Diamond built 1889.

Standard Brand Industries vinegar tank car SBIX 1634 built in 1938.

Illinois Central Dynameter Test Car 30 built in 1943.

Wabash Railroad 2-6-0 573 built in 1899.

Union Pacific UPP U-28-C 2804 Cutaway Locomotive built in 1966.

Chicago Charles H. Lake Street Elevated Railroad Forney 0-4-0T 9 built in 1893.

Missouri Pacific Parlor Observation Lounge car built in 1940.

Museum scene.

Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Parlor Observation car Abraham Lincoln 5998 built in 1935.

Burlington The Aleutian Office Car built in 1923.

Burlington Dining Car Silver Spoon built in 1938.

Pullmam Sleeping Car Carvan open sections built in 1926.

Northern Pacific Sleeper 482 DuBuque sublettered CB&Q built in 1948.

Missouri Pacific coach 830.

Frisco Mountain 4-8-2 1522 an engine I rode twice at the 2001 NRHS Convention built in 1926.

Museum scene.

Illinois Terminal Railbus 206 built in 1939.

Alton & Southern 0-8-0 12.

Cotton Belt Mail Express Car 71 built in 1904.

Arkansas Missouri Railroad combine 102 formerly Boston and Maine 737 built in 1899.

Museum scene.

Burlington E-8 9939A built in 1950.

Arkansas and Missouri RS-1 22 built in 1943.

Southern Pacific GS-6 4-8-4 4460 built in 1943.

American Steel Foundries Granite City 65 ton switcher 8 built in 1948.

Missouri Pacific RS-3 4502 built in 1955.

Norfolk and Western Y6 2-8-8-2 2156 built in 1942.

St. Louis Waterworks Railway interurban 10 built in 1910.

Chicago Transit Authority 44 built in 1959.

Canadian National Pacific 4-6-2 5529 built in 1925.

Missouri Pacific caboose 1155 built 1940.

Missouri-Kansas-Texas wooden caboose 1 built in 1882.

Illinois Traction combine 241 built in 1908.

Brooklyn Rapid Transit convertible car 1365 built in 1905.

Track maintenance equipment.

Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 4916 built in 1942.

St. Louis Public Service Company PCC Car 1743 built in 1949.

Missouri-Kansas-Texas coach 10 converted from caboose 127, built in 1891 to be a replica of the original car.

Chicago Transit Authority flat car S-1500 built in 1926.

Chicago & North Western 4-4-0 39 built in 1873.

Boston and Albany 4-4-0 39 The Marmora built in 1876.

Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad American 4-4-0 311 built 1890.

Pennsylvania Railroad P5 2-C2 Electric Locomotive 4700 built in 1931.

Baltimore & Ohio Oil Electic Locomotive 1 built in 1925.

Canadian Pacific RDC 54 built in 1954.

The West Barrretts Tunnel sign board.

The West Barrretts Tunnel, the first railroad tunnel west of the Mississippi River.

Museum scene.

Illinois Terminal box motor 1595 built in 1925.

Missouri Pacific 4-6-0 635 built in 1889.

Winona & St. Peter 4-4-0 274 built in 1873 known as Norman.

United States Army MRS-1 B-2069 built in 1953.

St. Louis Public Service Company PCC Car 1005 built in 1940.

Manufacturers Railway RS-2 211 built in 1948.

Museum scene.

Terminal Railroad Association 0-8-0 318 built in 1926.

United States Army SW-8 2002 built in 1952.

City of St. Louis Water Whitcomb 15 ton switcher 1 built in 1924.

Illinois Central 2-8-0 764 built in 1904.

Duluth, Missabe & Northern 2-10-2 502 built in 1916.

Burlington E-8A 9939A built in 1950.

United States Mule 662 Panama Canal built in 1914.

Sellers turntable.

Laclede-Christy Clay Products Company narrow gauge 0-4-0T 2 built in 1907.

North St. Louis Bellefontaine Mule Car 33 built in 1870. I met Elizabeth in the gift shop and we bought some merchandise. From here we drove to Outback Steakhouse where I had a top sirloin and Elizabeth had Pork Medallions. We returned the rental car then took St. Louis Light Rail back to Grand and walked to Amtrak. I wrote the Memphis story while we waited for the Missouri River Runner Train at 4:00 PM but that will be the next story.