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My 1,700,000.0 Rail Mile 4/30/2021

by Chris Guenzler

Today was my 9600 Day of Sobriety, a fact that is very important to me. In addition, I woke up with 1,699,912.2 rail miles. Today my lovely wife would pass her 75,000.0 rail mile. So today we would share a ride to Oceanside and pass it on the way back. After morning errands, I drove us to the Orange Metrolink station and dropped off Elizabeth so she could get our tickets while I parked the car in the shade on this vey hot day. I met her and soon we heard the crossing gates and knew our train would be coming into the station.

Metrolink 815 arrived in Orange. We boarded the bike car and sat at a table after I cleaned it as I always do. The train stopped in Tustin.

The ballooon at the Great Park has a new slogan "Irvine Cares I Pledge to Support".

My beautiful wife Elizabeth maskless for this picture.

The author maskless for this picture. The train stopped in Laguna Niguel where my friend Chris Robinson boarded and then ran to San Juan Capistrano.

The view from the siding just west of CP Serra. We then reached the shores of the Pacific Ocean.


On the way to the San Clemente North Beach station. Now sit back and relax as Metrolink 815 took us to Oceanside.

The trip to Oceanside. Elizabeth got the locomotive number while I talked with Steve, the excellent Amtrak agent, before using the restroom then picking up a new Coaster schedule. We walked over to Metrolink 609 whose doors opened within five minutes. I cleaned the table then did two word search puzzles as we headed north back to Orange.

The San Luis Rey River.

The Santa Margarita River. The train stopped at North Beach.

Dana Point.

My favorite American flag.

Saddleback Mountain certainly looks different than it does in Santa Ana.

The mustard plants were in bloom as we headed toward Laguna Niguel.

Elizabeth passing her 75,000.0 rail mile.

The author passing his 1,700,000.0 rail mile. The train stopped at Irvine, Tustin, Santa Ana and then Orange where we detrained. We drove home and I posted my rail mileage.

Saddleback Mountain looking like a saddle from out in front of our apartment.

The cake for friends, Elizabeth and I.