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Westward to Canon City, Colorado 8/31/2021

by Chris Guenzler

Elizabeth and I awoke at the Best Western Plus and after a breakast at the hotel and finalizing packing, we met Greg and Marty at the car. Once the boot was packed with all the luggage, we left Dodge City for points west.

In Ingalls, the Santa Fe Trails Museum has the town's Santa Fe station.

Also on the same museum's grounds is the Santa Fe station from Montezuma, Kansas. Next Greg drove over to Garden City for a real surprise.

Garden City Western Railway 2-6-0 25, built 1915, at Finnup Park.

The sign for Old Two Bits.

A plaque of the engine.

A track speeder in front of the steam engine. Next we went into town.

Here was our next surprise, Santa Fe caboose 999780.

Santa Fe Garden City station built in 1907.

The history sign on the station. From here we drove to the BNSF yard.

BNSF GP39-2s 2723 and 2773. Garden City Western Railroad, a shortline owned by Pioneer Lines since 1999 and operating fory miles of track, interchanges with BNSF here.

Pioneer Lines GP7 801, originally Illinois Central 9110.

Garden City Western GP9 803, originally Pittsburgh and Lake Erie 5683. The four of us continued west and stopped in Lakin.

The Santa Fe Lakin station built in 1876 and home to the Kearney County Historical Museum.

A Santa Fe wig-wag signal on display here. Our next stop was in Syracuse where we drove north to the Grandma's Depot House.

The Santa Fe station orginally from Holly, Colorado then moved to Hartman, Colorado where it was the agent's residence, then four miles north of Syracuse to become a bed and breakfast called Grandma's Depot House. Next, we crossed into Colorado and made a stop at Holly.

Santa Fe Holly brick station built in 1912. From here we proceeded to Lamar and stopped at Walmart, then took the car through the car wash before going to Subway for lunch.

Santa Fe 2-6-2 1819 built in 1906 as a coal-burner but converted to oil in 1941. It was donated to the town in 1956.

The steam engine sign.

Santa Fe Lamar brick station built in 1907. Next we went to Las Animas.

Santa Fe Las Animas station built in 1908.

Santa Fe Las Animas freight house also built in 1908. From here we took the boys to La Junta and to see Santa Fe 2-6-2 1024 which we already had photographs of from a recent trip. Elizabeth then drove us to Pueblo.

BNSF DPU's outside of Pueblo. We then arrived at the Pueblo Railroad Museum.

Another DPU as we arrived.

Santa Fe 4-8-4 2912 on display.

A museum scene. Elizabeth and I went inside the station for the first time.

The inside of Pueblo Union Station built in 1890 and used by Denver and Rio Grande Western, Missouri Pacific, Colorado and Southern and Santa Fe. We walked back outside.

Department of Transportation U30C 001.

Another view of Santa Fe 2912.

Pueblo Union Station built in 1890.

Rio Grande freight house.

Union Pacific Maintenance-of-Way Sleeper 906212 originally Union Pacific 442 "Imperial Robe" built in 1942 by the Pullman Company and sold to Union Pacific in 1946.

Amtrak coach 5409 originally Atlantic Coast Line 217 built in 1946 by the Budd Company.

Royal Gorge baggage car 8001 ex Southern Pacific Maintenance-of-Way 7149.

Another BNSF DPU before we left for Canon City.

Two views of the sky on the way to Penrose where we stopped for Exxon for gas. We then went to Canon City and checked into the Quality Inn. We went to the Village Inn for dinner then I worked on story before the two of us called it a night.