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Railbikes on the Nevada Southern Railway 12/9-10/2021

by Chris Guenzler

This was the second attempt at experiencing the RailExplorers railbikes in Boulder City, Nevada. We originally had planned this event in October on the way home from the Nevada Northern Railway photo charter but high winds forced the cancellation of the rides that day. So Elizabeth and I chose December 10th for a quick two-day trip to Nevada.

12/9/2021 Elizabeth drove us to CA Highway 55 to CA Highway 91 to CA Highway 215 to Interstate 15 to Interstate 40 and the rest area east of Newberry Springs. I drove us east on Interstate 40 to National Trails Highway where we found the first train of the trip.

BNSF 7646 East near Siberia, CA. We followed this train to Amboy then drove to Kelbaker Road and took this to Interstate 40, which we took east to Goffs Road so we could continue to follow the BNSF mainline. We were following two eastbound BNSF trains so at Goffs, we let the first one go and set up at the grade crossing.

BNSF 8279 East at East Goffs. From here we drove east to US 95 which took us back to Interstate 40 where we hit the rain which was with us all the way to Kingman. We had linner at Jersey Mike's before checking in to the Best Western Wayfarers Inn for the night.

12/10/21 We arose in Kingman and I drove us to the Black Bear Diner and after an excellent breakfast, we headed into Kingman Canyon for Elizabeth's first time there. We did not have to wait long for a train.

BNSF 7220 West with DPUs 1098, 1032 and 6931 in Kingman Canyon.

On the way out of Kingman, we were stopped by a BNSF train and here is the mid-train DPUs. We drove northwest up US 93 to Hoover Dam for a quick visit.

Hoover Dam. This was Elizabeth's first visit here and my second.

The old drainage tunnel from when they built the dam.

The newer Highway 93 bridge over Black Canyon.

We drove across the dam like I did when I was a child.

Pacific Time Zone on this tower's clock.

Hoover Dam 1931 to 1935 Exhibit Building.

Hoover Dam Spillway House Exhibit. We drove to a viewpoint on our way out.

The Hoover dam showing the lower water level. Tours were not being given at this time and we did not have time to explore here further. We drove to Boulder City for our Rail Bike Experience.

Southwest Round-Up

Enjoy an exhilarating 7 mile rail ride from the Nevada State Railroad Museum to the Pass Turnaround and back with views of the Mojave Desert and the River Mountains. You'll ride on our new fleet of Explorers fitted with the 'REX Propulsion System' custom built electric motors that make the 7 mile round trip journey truly effortless.

Our Ride

We parked the car and check in for our rail bike adventure.

The rail bikes lined up for departure.

One of the couples rail bikes, called a tandem.

Our rail bikes for our trip to Railroad Pass and back. We had a safety meeting which included instructions on how to use the rail bike. Then the crew members gave the go-ahead for each group to load and we were the last two to board.

Elizabeth looking good waiting for our rail bike adventure.

Elizabeth my most beautiful wife and the author on our rail bikes. We were the last two to get going so now relax and enjoy the trip to Railroad Pass.

The Trip to Railroad Pass.

The rest area at our turnback location.

Elizabeth at our rest area as the rail bikes we turned for the trip back.

Two pictures of the author.

An interesting sky before we reboarded our rail bike for the trip back to Boulder City.

Me and my rail bike shadow.

The trip back to Boulder City.

A look back at the other rail bikers. We finished our trip and both of us felt refreshed. After filling up the car at the Sinclair petrol station, I drove us south down US Highway 95 to Searchlight, then turned west onto Nevada Highway 164, the Joshua Tree Highway, and we saw plenty of these unique trees.

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generator system. From here we drove Ivanpah Road to Morning Springs Mine Road to Cima.

At Cima we first found Union Pacific DPU 6968 at East Cima.

Union Pacific 5455 West at West Cima.

Union Pacific 5605 East at West Cima.

Union Pacific 8094 East at Dawes.

At Dawes Union Pacific DPU 6521 was on the rear of Union Pacific 8094 East. We drove into Kelso then took Kelbaker Road to National Trails Highway but alas no BNSF trains today on our way to Ludlow.

At Ludlow we found BNSF 7684 West stopped at a red signal. We got on Interstate 40 and headed westbound.

On Interstate 40 we passed a eastbound BNSF 5459 East with an unknown Norfolk Southern unit east of Newberry Springs.

BNSF DPU 5346 on an unknown eastbound train at Dagget.

BNSF 6066 West at Dagget stopped by a red signal.

Norfolk Southern 9-44CW 9668.

Norfolk Southern 9-44CW 7629.

Norfolk Southern ES44DC 7580.

CSX AC4400CW 308.

Two views of the entire BNSF motive power consist. Elizabeth then started the drive to home.

This next BNSF train had two CSX units, AC4400CW 327 and AC4400CW 460. We continued west on Interstate 40.

Along Interstate 40 I shot Norfolk Southern SD70ACU 1809 on another BNSF eastbound train. Elizabeth drove us home via Interstate 15 to CA Highway 91 to CA Highway 55 to CA Highway 22 where we went to The Habit for dinner. I then drove us home to the apartment.