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BNSF Needles Sub Trip Part 2 2/28/2015

by Chris Guenzler

We left the Motel 6 after a good night's rest then we went to MacDonald's for my Hot Cakes and sausage. We then went to Interstate 40 west to US 95 and found a westbound train at the US 95 grade crossing heading up Goffs Hill.

We stopped at MP 599 and waited for the train to catch up.

BNSF 7144 West at MP 599. We continued west. Just before Goffs we pulled off the highway.

BNSF 7526 East heading towards Needles and a crew change.

BNSF 7941 West near Fenner. From here we went west on Old Route 66 and went around both of the closed bridges. We made it to Amboy when we spotted the next eastbound train of the day.

Amboy Crater looked very good this bright winter morning.

BNSF 8123 East at Amboy. We continued west and spotted another eastbound train coming so we made it into Bagdad in front of him.

BNSF 7569 East at Bagdad. From here we drove to West Siberia. We spotted a westbound train and drove the road to get it in better light.

First view of BNSF 7144 West at Siberia.

Unknown BNSF eastbound heading into Siberia.

BNSF 7144 West at Siberia.

BNSF 4428 East at Siberia.

BNSF 7974 West at Siberia.

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