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BNSF Needles Sub Trip Part 2 1/2/2012

by Chris Guenzler

We drove through Dagget and found some interesting motive power sitting at Coolwater.

BNSF 7223 was on the east end of this unique motive power collection.

Ferromex 4691.

Ferromex 4691 had Diexanos 1998-2008 lettered on its side.

BNSF GP 38-2 2039. From here we drove to Newberry Springs where we found something else.

More interesting motive power in the form of Kansas City Southern 4122.

Kansas City Southern 4122. From here we drove on to Ludlow then out to my favorite spot on Ash Hill.

BNSF 5418 West at Ash Hill. From here we drove to Siberia.

BNSF 6838 West.

BNSF 5315 East with Ferromex 4698 in the consist.

BNSF 6838 West climbing Ash Hill. We relocated for our next train.

BNSF 7523 West climbs out of Siberia.

BNSF 528 East.

The DPUs of BNSF 7523 West. Not far behind was our next train so we relocated slightly.

BNSF 7282 West climbs the grade out of Siberia. We started down the highway again but had to stop shortly.

This train BNSF 7391 had seven engines 15 cars and a DPU at East Siberia.

BNSF 7248 West climbing the grade near East Siberia. We highballed it east and caught our next train just before Goffs.

BNSF 6790 West below Goffs. From here we continued towards Needles but stopped for one last train of the day.

BNSF 7475 West near Bannock. From here we then drove into Needles stopping at Carl's Junior for dinner before checking into the Motel 6 for the night. Tomorrow the western end of the BNSF Seligman Sub.

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