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Our Honeymoon Santa Ana to Winslow 7/6/2020

by Chris Guenzler

We left the reception and went home to our apartment where we finished packing then wrote the wedding story. We then drove to the La Quinta Inn in Irvine for our first night as a married couple.

7/6/2020 We got up and I showered as Elizabeth, my brand new wife, packed. We left and took Interstate 5 to CA 57 to CA 60 and then Interstate 40 and stopped at MacDonald's where I had my usual hot cakes and sausage. We drove next to Barstow where we gassed up the car. We then drove to Ludlow where I then drove old US 66. At Ash Hill we found an eastbound BNSF stack train and drove almost to Siberia where we crossed the tracks and set up for Elizabeth's first ever pictures on Ash Hill.

BNSF 8431 East near Siberia. We went east on US 66 to Kelbaker Road due to US 66 still being closed for repairs. We then took Interstate 40 to Goffs Road and stopped in Goffs for the replica station. We continued on Goffs Road to US 95 and back to Interstate 40. We switched drivers and Elizabeth drove to Kingman where we stopped at the old Santa Fe station for a picture. I then drove us to Arby's for lunch and were able to sit in the restaurant for lunch since Arizona is doing things differently from California. Our high temperature for the day was 109 degrees which was just outside of Needles. We missed a train at the west end of Crozier Canyon but caught up to one and passed it on the way to Seligman where we pulled off and waited.

BNSF 5967 East at Flat Rock Road in Seligman. We switched drivers with Elizabeth driving us to Williams where we first stopped at the Grand Canyon Railway's headquarters.

Manitou and Pike's Peak Cog Railway 4 on display in Williams. This is a temporary display which arrived in March 2020 and is here until the renovation of the railroad is completed in 2021.

Grand Canyon Railway FPA-4 6773 on display. We then went to Rod's Steakhouse for an early dinner where I had a top sirloin which was excellent and my bride Elizabeth had a chef's salad. We switched drivers again and I drove us east on I-40 where we caught another train at Parks Road.

The view east at Parks Road.

BNSF 5967 East is the same train that we photographed west of Seligman. From here, we drove to Flagstaff so Elizabeth could photograph the other steam engine in town that she did not get on a previous visit.

Southwest Lumber Mills 2-8-0 25.

The log car behind Southwest Lumber Mills 25.

Believe it or not, this is the same freight train we shot twice and has been following us across Arizona. For the last time, we photographed it today as it passed through Flagstaff. Next we headed for Winslow.

Elizabeth standing on the corner with the statue of Glen Frey.

Me standing on the corner in Winslow.

The honeymooners standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona. Such a fine sight to see.

Our Stay at La Posada Hotel

We checked in and were given the Albert Einstein Room. I will now show you the features of this unique room.

We have a sauna tub in our room which we will enjoy.

The toilet is on a raised pedastel, something brand new in all my travels.

The television and couch area.

The air conditioner and the bed.

The king-size bed with the unique steer horn artwork above.

The work area.

The couch and the sun sculpture.

Elizabeth relaxing in the room.

Outside of our room 107. Each room is named for a person and there is a history of them on the wall outside the rooms.

The former Santa Fe Winslow station now a museum.

Santa Fe Plaza Lamy 502 private car.

BNSF 8159 West at Winslow.

The plaque outside the from entranace. I started the basis of this story before we looked at Carl Morrison's photos of our wedding and a video of the ceremony. Then it was time to go out and photographed the Southwest Chief arrival in Winslow this early evening.

Amtrak's Southwest Chief train 4 made a quick stop for no passengers in Winslow tonight. We returned to Albert Einstein Room to write the story and then go to bed.