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Off to Emeryville 9/28/2020

by Chris Guenzler

We woke up in our apartment in Santa Ana and after breakfast, we prepared and finished packing for our trip to Emeryville. We then drove to the Santa Ana train station, parked in the northeast parking lot and walked over a bench on Track 2 with all our luggage. I looked after the luggage while Elizabeth moved the car to the parking structure and gave the security guard her car information so we could leave it there longer than the regular 72 hours and she then walked over to where I was.

The Santa Ana train station. After several Metrolink trains came through, I then took a picture of Pacific Surfliner 572.

Pacific Surfliner 572 came, stopped and left Santa Ana. So now we waited for our train to Los Angeles to start our adventure.

Pacific Surfliner 763 9/28/2020

Pacific Surfliner 763 came into Santa Ana and we boarded the lower level of the second car. Conductor Bruce scanned our tickets and he told me he had visited the Chris Guenzler Million Mile Lookpoint Point in La Plata, Missouri and how much he enjoyed it. The train stopped in Anaheim and Fullerton before it made its final sprint to Los Angeles. We got off the train and walked down to the Thruway Bus Terminal at LAUPT.

Thruway Bus 5815 9/28/2020

After they loaded the bus that stopped in Glendale, they loaded seventeen passengers in our bus and we departed LAUPT. For some reason, this bus driver took Highway 2 to the 210 freeway and back to Interstate 5 and made the trip up the Grapevine. This is Elizabeth's second time on a Thruway bus and her first in California. Elizabeth got some new highway miles as we took Highway 99 to Bakersfield and then came into town a unique way. At Bakersfield, we retrieved our luggage and Elizabeth watched it while I made a note of the consist and took a picture of the train. This will be the first time that Elizabeth has ridden the San Joaquin train ever.

San Joaquin 715 9/28/2020

The train consisted of F59PHI 202 rebuilt by Progressive Rail, 5011 San Diegan and 5006 El Dorado both for BNSF grade crossing 28 axles rules, 8005 Kern River, 6262 Treasure Island cafe not in use Pacific Surfliner style car, 8023 Feather River with Cab Baggage Point St George Pacific Surliner style car. We took a seat at a table in the Feather River. They then announced that there is no cafe service on this train but water and a snack packcould be picked up in car two.

Picture of the snack pack that I had to go and get. The Pacific Surfliner still has a cafe attendant and only excepts credit cards for payment. The conductor apologized to us for the lack of food on his train.

Oil wells west of Bakersfield.

The BNSF line to Oildale. After train congestion at East Shafter, the train made its way to Wasco then held the mainline at Allensworth for sister train 710. At Angiola BNSF 7702 East was at the siding. We stopped in Corcoran and headed next to Hanford then enjoyed the countryside as we made our way to Fresno. The train continued towards Madera.

A switcher right before Madera. Next stop will be Madera before we made our way to Merced then Denair/Turlock before Modesto.

Elizabeth, my beautiful and special lady on her first San Joaquin train trip with her mask off just for this picture. The train ran the rest of the way to Stockton where quite a few passengers detrained. Next we will cross the California Delta.

Middle River of the San Joaquin with drawbridges on both ends.

The highway bridge connecting Rio Vista and Antioch.

Bay views at Antioch.

Mount Diablo.

The harbor at Antioch.

Rail Switching Services S6 1003.

GATX SW12 604.

Martinez Southern Pacific station.

Benicia-Martinez bridge and Martinez railroad bridge.

Views of the Carquinez Straits.

Where we left on Conductor Larry's Loose Caboose trip on the last Winterail trip in Stockton.

Interstate 80 bridge.

Napa River flowing into San Pablo Bay.

Scenes along San Pablo Bay. We arrived at Emeryville and I reclaimed Elizabeth's luggage while she went across the street and got us Subway for dinner. After we ate in the Emeryville station, we walked over to the Hilton Garden Inn and checked in. We went up five floors to our room and I checked out the view while Elizabeth caught up on the Internet. I then decided that without a clear view, I could not get any good pictures of San Francisco. So I went down the stairs and out through the construction, out a gate, crossed the highway and walked along a path along the bay. Here are my pictures.

Oakland and Emeryville.

The Bay Bridge all lit up at night.

Middle Harbor Road and the cranes.

Looking toward the Golden Gate.

A final picture of the Bay Bridge. I returned to the hotel the same and we then wrote the story before calling it a night.