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Our Honeymoon Powder River Basin 7/12/2020

by Chris Guenzler

We woke up at the Super 8 in Douglas and after packing, went to McDonald's and used the drive- through, picked up breakfast and drove to the Douglas Railroad Museum and ate it in their parking lot. From here, we headed out on Wyoming 59 and turned right on Bill Hall Road and once we arrived at the crossing of the BNSF line, we parked and waited for a few minutes.

BNSF 9228 North at Bill Hall Road. As he was going by, suddenly another train came from the north.

BNSF 9149 South with DPU BNSF 5815 and it is still going by.

Elizabeth and BNSF 9149 South at Bill Hall Road.

The rest of BNSF 9149 South.

Union Pacific 5657 South with DPU Union Pacific 8408 at Bill Hall Road. From here, we drove back to Highway 59 and then drove on Flat Top Road to the bridge over the railroad. A train was going by when we arrived and we only caught the DPU going by us.

We caught an unknown Union Pacific train with DPU 8972.

BNSF 5874 North with DPU BNSF 9189 at Flat Top Road.

Elizabeth at Flat Top Road.

The rest of BNSF 5874 at Flat Top Road.

Union Pacific 5653 South with DPU Union Pacific 2645 and 7682 at Flat Top Road. From here, we went to the overpass a few miles south of Bill, Wyoming.

A small yard a few miles south of Bill, Wyoming. From here, we drove north to Forest Service Road 594 and took it to the bridge near the top of Logan Hill.

Looking south from the bridge.

The southernmost coal mine in the Powder River Basin.

My lovely Elizabeth at Logan Hill.

BNSF 6222 North with DPU BNSF 5918. We returned to Highway 59 and turned onto Edwards Road which we took to Highlight Road and then Highway 450 to the next stop.

The sign for the Black Thunder Coal Mine, the largest open pit coal mine in North America.

The Black Thunder Coal Mine. From this point north, we had no more trains in the Powder River Basin but we found something else to take pictures of.

The Pronghorn Antelope were all over the highway at several places on our way to Gillette. We stopped at Walmart so Elizabeth could get more film then used the drive through at KFC to get linner before we drove east to a place I had been before to eat our meal.

Burlington Northern U30C 5802 on display in Gillette.

Elizabeth and Burlington Northern U30C 5802. From here we drove Wyoming Highway 51 east.

Stored power at BNSF's Donkey Creek Yard.

BNSF GP38-2 2044 nicknamed "The Smurf" was in one of the stored power lines at Donkey Creek Yard.

BNSF 9211 West with DPU BNSF 5870 at Donkey Creek Yard.

One more picture of The Smurf.

More stored power at Donkey Creek. A maintainer stopped and asked me what I was doing and when he saw my camera, he knew and I asked "How many units are stored here?" His response was, "Over 500!"

BNSF 6339 East with DPU BNSF 6715 at County Road 201, MP 560.3.

Devils Tower forty miles away.

The same coal train as above at Upton, Wyoming. We then drove to Newcastle.

The CB&Q station in Newcastle. From here we drove to the Pines Country Inn where Elizabeth checked us in and we were given Room 13.

Here is the outside of our room. We wrote the story and then relaxed the rest of the evening.