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Our Honeymoon Nevada Northern Robinson Canyon Steam Trip plus more 7/17/2020

by Chris Guenzler

This morning we wrote the post Heber Valley story. After we finished we packed up and checked out of the Riverside Motel then drove across Soldier Summit on Highway 6 with no trains at all. We stopped at Spanish Fork for McDonald's and Walmart before heading south on Interstate 15 to US 6 and at Eureka, we spotted another surprise.

Union Pacific caboose 25096. From here we took Highway 6 to Utah 36 and made our way to Tooele and when we arrived, found that the Railroad Park was closed so we did what good railfans do, take pictures through the fence.

Tooele Valley Railroad 2-8-0 11 is the prize piece of the group.

Tooele Valley Railroad snow plow.

Tooele Valley Railroad caboose.

Tooele Valley Railroad caboose 4.

Tooele Valley Railroad snow plow and the Tooele station.

Unknown boxcar.

Tooele Valley Railroad 2-8-0 11.

The Tooele station.

The steam engine and the Tooele station. From here, Elizabeth drove and at the Morton Salt crossing along Interstate 80, we stopped for this train.

Union Pacific 4796 East at the Morton Salt crossing. Elizabeth drove to Clive and then I drove Interstate 80 at 80 mph to Wendover.

Elizabeth at the Nevada sign, her last new state of the trip. We stopped for lunch and ate inside Arby's. From here we drove Alt 93.

Elizabeth at White Horse Pass on Alt 93. We then drove to US 93 and stopped at the railroad crossing short of Cherry Creek for Elizabeth's first look at the Nevada Northern. Did we get a surprise here.

There is the remains of a Nevada Northern water tower here.

Elizabeth at the Nevada Northern Railway tracks.

Looking north up the Steptoe Valley and the railroad tracks.

We took a closer look at this unique water tower.

Elizabeth at the remains of the Nevada Northern water tower. From here we drove to McGill.

The Nevada Northern McGill station.

The remains of the Nevada Northern Railway in McGill.

Elizabeth and the Nevada Northern station. Now I will show you what is left in McGill.

Views of the old Kennecott buildings still standing in McGill. I drove us into East Ely and we parked at the station and the first order of business was to pick up our tickets. These included being able to go in the shops and the museum on the second floor of the depot building.

My first picture was of an old friend, the Nevada Northern 40.

Our train waiting for the 4:30 PM departure. This would be Elizabeth's first time ever aboard a Nevada Northern train. She was excited to finally be here.

Nevada Northern 4-6-0 40. Next Elizabeth and I decided to visit the shop building.

Nevada Northern RS-3 13.

Nevada Northern 2-8-0 93.

Nevada Northern Industrial Brownhoist crane DE 80.

Nevada Northern RS-3 109.

Nevada Northern 44 ton switcher.

Nevada Northern Rotary Snow plow B.

Nevada Northern RS-2 105.

Nevada Northern electric locomotive 81.

Nevada Northern Baldwin V01000 801.

Shop views.

Nevada Northern SD9 204.

Nevada Northern Baldwin V01000 801.

Nevada Northern Tool Car A-1.

Nevada Northern wood caboose 3 undergoing restoration.

Nevada Northern 2-8-0 81 under restoration.

Kennecott Copper 25 ton switcher 310.

Shop view. From here, Elizabeth and I looked around the yard.

The coaling tower.

The train ready and waiting for its departure time.

Engine 40 looks good. Next we visited the second floor museum in the East Ely depot and took a quick walk through it. Afer that, we did our shopping and picked up a Coke for me and bottled water for Elizabeth to take with us on the train. We then waited to board the 4:30 PM train.

Elizabeth and the Nevada Northern train we would be riding.

Our Trip

At 4:20 PM, we were the first people to board the train and took seats in coach 7 at a table. I would shoot my pictures from here and Elizabeth would head to the open car. At Keystone, we would switch places.

At 4:30 PM, the trip started with us backing out to the main line.

The bunkhouse Robin Bowers and I stayed in during our last visit to East Ely. We backed to the main line and after the switch was thrown, we started the trip to Keystone.

Heading for Keyston.

Taking a curve above the town of Ely.

Taking another curve.

Curving into the railroad tunnel in Robinson Canyon.

Taking the curve after the tunnel.

Looking back at the tunnel.

Interesting geology in Robinson Canyon.

Curving through Robinson Canyon.

The Boston Mine.

Heading into Lane City and the old schoolhouse.

The train takes another curve.

Yet another curve on the way to Keystone.

The last curve to the right. I asked permission from the couple at the next table if I could get some pictures from their side of the train and they said yes.

Curving into Keystone. Unlike previous trips when we would wye the entire train, due to no action show at the back of the wye, Nevada Northern 40 cut off the train and would wye by itself and would be serviced on the wye.

Nevada Northern 40 has cut off the train.

Heading towards the wye at Keystone.

Starting around the northwest side of the wye.

Going down the northwest leg of the wye. After servicing was done, the engine would return and more pictures would be taken.

The train takes the northeast leg of the wye and with us now on the rear of the train, I had to go and tell Elizabeth to switch places again and come back after we go through the tunnel. I would relax on the way back to East Ely while Elizabeth would shoot all the pictures she wanted. We returned to East Ely and after detraining, I drove Elizabeth over to the White Pines Museum.

Kennecott Copper Steeplecab 80.

KCC Bobber Caboose 12.

The Currie station building.

KCC Molten Copper Car.

KCC wooden box car. From here we drove to the Ramada Inn and got a room at their annex diagonally across the street. Then we went to Carl's Jr, picked up dinner and returned to the room where put our stuff in and I left Elizabeth to see about riding the Star Train.