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Our Honeymoon Georgetown Loop Railroad 7/10/2020

by Chris Guenzler

From here, we drove to Silver Plume. We parked and first down toward the engine house.

Georgetown Loop 2-8-0 111 inside the engine house. We heard a whistle and we both had big smiles on our faces because we knew we had a steam engine on the train.

The steam engine was Georgetown Loop 2-8-0 40. This would be the first time for both of us that we would be riding behind this engine.

We walked down for one more picture. After that, we drove to Georgetown and Elizabeth went into Subway to get us linner. This Subway had only one person working, she purchased the last roll before they ran out, they had no roast beef nor cookies, and the drink machine was not working properly. We took our linner to the Georgetown Loop Railroad where I dropped off Elizabeth who picked up our tickets and I parked up by the overview of the Devils Gate Bridge. We quickly ate our meal and waited for the train to arrive.

Our train that we would be riding crossing the Devils Gate Bridge.

Elizabeth and the train on the Devils Gate Bridge. All we had to do was just turn to get additional pictures of the engine.

The engine descending into the Georgetown station area. From here we went and sat in a pair of chairs while Elizabeth finished her lunch and waited for the locomotive to uncouple.

The engine preparing to run around the train. We got into the line and Elizabeth went and bought me a Tshirt and we the last two people to board. Everyone was required to wear a mask and do social distancing in the line but most people bunched up instead. On the train itself, social distancing took place. We sat together back in one of the open cars for our trip to Silver Plume and back.

The train started backing underneath the Devils Gate Bridge.

The Devils Gate Bridge.

Another picture of the Devils Gate Bridge. I was rather surprised as only the back part of the train went under the bridge but not the front of the train.

The Devils Gate Bridge looking back.

The first curve.

Social distancing in action.

The train climbing the loop toward the Devils Gate Bridge.

The train nearing the Devils Gate Bridge.

The train preparing to cross the Devils Gate Bridge.

The train crossing the Devils Gate Bridge.

Interesting rock through the smoke from the train.

The train takes another slight curve.

My bride on the Georgetown Loop Railroad. She removed her mask only briefly for the picture.

The train curving into Halls Tunnel siding.

Georgetown Loop 2-6-2 12 is now on a display train at Halls Tunnel siding.

The train coming into the Lebanon Mines station but not stopping.

Passengers enjoying the trip wearing masks.

The train crossing the Million Dollar Fill.

The train is closing in on Silver Plume.

Silver Plume is right around the bend.

Georgetown Loop Railroad GE 44-tonner 21 at Silver Plume.

Georgetown Loop Railroad GE 80-tonner 1934.

Georgetown Loop Railroad U4B 130.

Georgetown Loop Railroad U4B 130 and U4B 140.

The engine cut off to take water.

The Silver Plume station sign.

The engine running around the train.

Another view of Georgetown Loop 1934.

The Silver Plume station as we left for Georgetown.

Georgetown Loop Railroad GE U4B 140. Elizabeth and I would be relaxing for the most of the trip back except at the highlights of this trip.

The train crossing the Million Dollar Fill.

The train crossing the Devils Gate Bridge.

The train descending into Georgetown. It had been a great trip back aboard the Georgetown Loop Railroad but like all things, it must come to an end. We arrived at the station and we let everybody on our end of the train off first before we detrained and they thanked us for coming. I used the bathroom and Elizabeth and I waited the train to cross the Devils Gate Bridge on the way back to Silver Plume. Since this is my last view I needed of the bridge, I was really happy to wait to get it.

The train crossing the Devils Gate Bridge on the trip back to Silver Plume. From here, we started to head to Denver but had a stop to make at Idaho Springs.

Colorado & Southern 2-8-0 60.

Colorado & Southern passenger car. We left Idaho Springs and things were going well until we saw bumper-to-bumper traffic along I-70. We managed to get off and County Road 314 which got us to the Central City Parkway which we took to Central City. My memory was very good as usual and I soon had our destination at Central City.

Colorado & Southern 2-8-0 71.

Colorado & Southern combine 20.

The train display in Central City. Next we headed down the road to Blackhawk.

Colorado Central 2-8-0 71 at Blackhawk. From here we put in the directions to Denver Union Station and we were both surprised at the route we were taking. So we took Colorado 119 to US 6 to Washington Street and in Golden, turned on to 32nd Avenue which we took all the way into Denver and made our way to Union Station. I went in to find out about parking and Elizabeth and I then drove half a block to the Oxford Hotel. Here the bellboys helped us by loading our luggage on a cart and took us back to Union Station and the Crawford Hotel where we checked in. Our luggage was taken up to the room before us and after some interesting times in the elevator we reached Room 202. We entered the room and I will now show you Room 202.

This room is very nice and also has a shower and mini bar area which we would not be using. We worked on the first story of the day and then had a relaxing night.