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Santa Fe Stations near the Sprinter 8/14/2020

by Chris Guenzler

Elizabeth and I had wanted to take pictures of the Vista and Escondido stations for a few months. Marty Smith and I went to Orange to ride trains the day before and saw some interesting things.

Pacific Surfliner 774 highballed through Orange. Next we had a green over red signal on the Number 1 track. The only thing it could be was the Union Pacific Costa Mesa local.

The Union Pacific Costa Mesa local came through Orange right before our Metrolink 815 arrived to take us to Oceanside. In Oceanside, we always get to see the southbound Coaster come through for its departure later in the afternoon.

Coaster 632 came south through the Oceanside station to its departing track on Track 3. Marty and I then returned to Orange, ending this journey on this day. Early the next morning, Elizabeth and I were in Santa Ana and boarded Metrolink 800 for Riverside.

Metrolink 800 in Santa Ana on our roundtrip to Riverside. Friday morning, we went to Orange and boarded Metrolink 803 for Oceanside.

Metrolink 803 turns into Metrolink 800 while its sits in Oceanside. We bought our Coaster tickets and went to Track 3 to wait for the Coaster to arrive from San Diego.

Coaster 640 arrived in Oceanside and we boarded for the roundtrip to San Diego to mainly see the construction taking place for the Green Line Trolley extension.

In San Diego rests the protection power for the Pacific Surfliner trains. In San Diego, we waited and then Coaster 641 back to Oceanside. Using our Metrolink tickets, we could now ride the Sprinter at no additional cost. We took the first train from Oceanside to Vista Transit Center where we detrained to start our station photography.

The Vista Santa Fe station built in 1913. From here, we walked back to the Sprinter and took the next two-car Sprinter train to Escondido.

The Sprinter maintenance facility just before the end of the line at Escondido.

Elizabeth and the Sprinter at Escondido. From here, we walked up West Valley Highway to Grape Park and found what we were looking for.

Santa Fe Railway Post Office car 112 is also on display here.

Santa Fe Escondido station built in 1887. From here we walked to Fatburger and had lunch which was very good. Next we made our way back to the Sprinter station and boarded the one-car train for Oceanside. There Elizabeth walked down to the beach while I took care of an Amtrak ticketing matter.

Metrolink 815 came into Oceanside on Track 2. I walked over to Track 2 after the train had left to wait for Elizabeth to return.

Coaster 632 came into Oceanside from Stuart Mesa to Track 3 to board passengers.

Our train, Metrolink 609, came into Oceanside and picked us up, taking us back home to Orange, ending another rail adventure in San Diego County.