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Our Honeymoon Colorado Rail Experiences 7/10/2020

by Chris Guenzler

After waking up we loaded the car and checked out of the Best Western Rambler Inn. Neither of us wanted the modified breakfast which was breakfast sandwiches and granola bars. Since Elizabeth had never been to the Pueblo Railroad Museum, I decided to take her there for her first visit.

Pueblo Union Station.

D.O.T U30C 001.

Elizabeth at the Pueblo Railroad Museum. This is her first time at this unique museum.

Santa Fe 4-8-4 2912.

Colorado and Wyoming caboose 100.

ASEX 1965.

Burlington Northern kitchen car 951864.

Great Northern boxcar 2649.

Rio Grande extended vision caboose 01516.

New Haven "Peterson Canyon".

Pullman sleeper unknown number.

Unknown passenger car.

Union Pacific switching their Pueblo Yard.

Colorado and Wyoming caboose 3.

VIA Rail Canada unknown.

Union Pacific 6564 South came into Pueblo Yard while we were there.

Amtrak car unknown.

Via Rail Open Platform Observation Car "Bedford".

Colorado and Wyoming GP9 104.

Morrison Knudsen GE 44-tonner 84.

Rio Grande caboose 01432.

New Haven "Peterson Canyon".

Another Amtrak unknown car.

Pueblo Railroad Museum scene.

Pueblo Union Station. We were hungry so we headed to McDonald's and ate in the car. We were rather puzzled by the differing rules as other restaurants in Colorado have allowed inside ordering and dining while this McDonald's was just a drive through only. At the BNSF Pueblo Yard, we spotted a blue and yellow unit so I suggested to Elizabeth that we take pictures of it as there are not too many of them in blue and yellow left.

BSNF 2854 patched and BNSF 2712. From here, we drove to Colorado Springs to the Broadmoor Hotel where I showed Elizabeth the engine on their property.

Manitou and Pike's Peak Cog Railway 5 on display at the Broadmoor Hotel.

Elizabeth and the Manitou and Pike's Peak Cog Railway 5. From here we drove to Palmer Lake and as usual we were skunked with no trains. We headed to our next planned destination, another new location for Elizabeth in Castle Rock.

The former Rio Grande depot in Castle Rock.

Elizabeth and the Rio Grande depot in Castle Rock. From here we drove to our next rail adventure of the trip and drove to Como but Elizabeth spotted something that we had to make a U-turn for along US 24 before we reached Como.

Jefferson Denver South Park and Pacific station.

The plaque on the building.

Elizabeth and the station. We made our way the rest of the way to Como and entered the property with permission. This is our first visit to this unique museum.

Colorado and Southern wooden boxcar 8311.

Colorado and Southern wooden boxcar 8027.

Denver South Park and Pacific flat car 0670.

The rear of Klondike Kate taken through the window at the back of the roundhouse. There was a gentleman working and we told him Tim said we could be here and he said to just be careful.

Boxcar under restoration inside the roundhouse.

Klondike Kate 2-6-0 4 inside the Como roundhouse.

Armstrong turntable at Como.

The Como Roundhouse.

Cars needing work.

Klondike Kate's tender.

Another view of the Como Roundhouse.

GB&L hopper car 1020.

Cars needing trucks.

Denver South Park and Pacific 210.

DL&A gondola 768.

Denver and Rio Grande Western gondola car 1267.

Colorado and Southern 13121.

Unknown car at Como.

Museum view.

Rear of the Como Roundhouse.

Museum scene.

Another view of the Armstrong turntable. We thanked our host for having us and then drove over to the station and hotel in Como.

The restored Como train station.

The plaque for the train station.

The sign on the Como station.

The interior of the restored Como station.

The hotel in Como under restoration. We made our way into Fairplay and gassed up the car before I spotted something and we made a surprise stop.

The Fairplay Denver South Park and Pacific station. My next surprise for Elizabeth on our honeymoon was a visit to the South Park City Museum. We went into the office and I asked if we could just take pictures of the steam engine and after the lady asked her supervisor, she said yes and to come back through the office when we were finished. So as I had been here in 2016, I led Elizabeth down to the train.

D&RGW side dump gondola 794.

D&RGW stock car 5525.

The station building.

The train.

D.S.P.& P.RR 2-6-0 22.

D&RGW box car 3555.

D&RGW stock car 5785.

D&RGW caboose 0517.

The train.

Elizabeth and the engine. We thanked the ladies and told them most likely they would get more visitors by my story.

The milepost sign of Fairplay. We left Fairplay and headed to our next stop in Breckenridge.

Georgetown Loop Railroad flat car.

Colorado & Southern caboose 1006.

Colorado & Southern box car 8323.

Colorado & Southern 2-6-0 9.

White Pass Rotary Snowplow 2 as Denver, Leadville & Gunnison Railroad Rotary 1. Our next stop will be Georgetown.