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Cajon Pass Trip with Elizabeth and Bill 6/5/2020

by Chris Guenzler

Since Elizabeth caught only one train at Blu Cut on her visit to Cajon Pass on the trip down from Washington, we decided to take her back and take her to some of our favorite spots. We met Bill out in front of our apartment and then drove straight out to the hill that overlooks the Frost flyover. Once we arrived, it was cold and windy and I was not properly dressed for it. We did not have to wait very long for our first train of the day.

Union Pacific 8140 West was the first train of the day with DPU mid-train UP 2629 and rear DPU UP 9024. Our next train then came very quickly as well.

BNSF 6631 East with DPUs 7505 and 5799 was the second train of the day.

We waited in the truck for a little while until our third train, BNSF 6228 West, was heard and seen.

BNSF 4121 East was the fourth train past our location this morning.

BNSF 7724 West with a mixed freight came by us next was our fifth train of the morning.

BNSF 8159 East went under the flyover for the sixth train of the morning.

BNSF 6627 was on the seventh train at Frost Flyover and our final train at this location. From here we drove into Hill 582 making this Elizabeth's first time here. She was impressed.

BNSF 6228 West was the third train of the morning but our first train here.

BNSF 7724 West was sixth train of the day and our second here at Hill 582.

BNSF 7308 East was our eighth train of the morning and our third here.

Union Pacific 2728 West was our ninth train of the day and our final and fourth train at Hill 582. Next we drove to Sullivan's Curve, our final photo location of the day.

Union Pacific 8750 East with mid-train DPU's UP 6460, 8844 and 5522. UP 7308 East was holding the main with a red signal at East Canyon siding for our tenth and eleventh trains of the morning.

Union Pacific 7308 East at Canyon siding.

BNSF 3979 East was climbing through Sullivan's Curve when BNSF 8842 East with Norfolk Southern 7583 in its consist were the twelfth and thirteenth trains of the day. It was also three trains at once at Sullivan's Curve and a first for Elizabeth.

Union Pacific 7308 East leaving Canyon siding. We exited via Cajon and had to stop for one last train.

BNSF 8136 East at Cajon was our fourteenth of this now early afternoon. We then drove back to Santa Ana where Bill visited our apartment and then we wrote this story. It had been a fine trip to Cajon Pass and Elizabeth enjoyed her time with the two of us.