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A Trip to Cajon Pass 4/4/2020

by Chris Guenzler

Bill Compton and I had decided to chase the Coast Starlight Detour until I learned it was cancelled. So I called Bill and we decided to go to Cajon Pass instead that same Saturday. Bill picked me up in front of my apartment and we headed out making our first stop at the Union Pacific West Colton yard and we stopped on Pepper Street. We walked out on to the bridge.

There was a train stopped on the ballon track.

BNSF 7766 came out and stopped before backing.

Union Pacific 7817 West came west on the bypass track.

Union Pacific 5709 West Came of the balloon track.

Union Pacific 8345 West came on the bypass track. We then drove into Cajon Pass finding two eastbound trains. We headed to the grade crossing at Summit.

BNSF 6848 West at Summit with DPU's 5996 and 7312.

Union Pacific 2737 East at Summit. We move to the west end of the big Summit cut.

BNSF 8260 West at the big cut at Summit.

BNSF 7703 East came behind the BNSF 8260. From here we headed to Sullivan Curve.

Union Pacific 8868 East came into Sullivan Curve.

Next came BNSF 8260 with DPU's 7968 and 4147.

Now enjoy some two train action in Sullivan Curve.

DPU's 7968 and 4147 of BNSF 8260 West.

BNSF 5263 West rounds Sullivan Curve.

BNSF 8022 West with middle DPUs 6699 and 8244 and rear DPUs 3914 and 3032.

BNSF 3842 East at Sullivan Curve.

Enjoy the two train action at Sullivan Curve.

BNSF 3756 West with DPUs 3723 and 3724.

BNSF 8739 East with DPUs 7797 and 7254.

Union Pacific 6007 West with DPU 7617 at Sullivan Curve.

BNSF 7382 West at Sullivan Curve.

BNSF 6840 East at Sullivan Curve.

BNSF 6522 West at Sullivan Curve.

Union Pacific 8168 East at Sullivan Curve.

BNSF 8378 East at Sullivan Curve.

Enjoy the two train action with horses at Sullivan Curve.

From my vantage point the horses ride away. I returned to Bill and we started out of Sullivan Curve but had a yellow signal behind us so we knew we had another train.

Union Pacific 5911 East at Canyon siding. We drove down to Swarthout Canyon Road and the drove to the hill just west of the grade crossing.

Union Pacific 5911 west of the Swarthout Canyon Road grade crossing. After that we headed back home. It had been a great bit cold windy day in Cajon Pass.