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My Bachelor Party 07/03/20

by Chris Guenzler

Since I am getting married on a train, I decided to have my bachelor party on the train as well. We made plans and then last week, had to change them due to Metrolink operating a holiday schedule on the day we had chosen. So we sent out a revised schedule to my guests and waited for responses. Most people who came were excited and those who could not were sad. Some of my friends had to stay home due to medical reasons and others had previous commitments. So I met Marty and his brother Greg, who were my cleaning crew in Orange and Steve Grande decided to ride up to Fullerton to have lunch and joined us.

Marty and Greg Smith, my cleaning crew. We waited in the shade by the ticket machine and a few minutes later, Steve Grande joined us and we then waited for the train to arrive in Orange.

Metrolink Train 663 arrived in Orange and we boarded the bike car for the trip to Los Angeles. I sprayed Lysol disinfectant and Marty and Greg did the wiping up and we cleaned the two tables that we would be using southbound if all went according to plan. I have been cleaning the table and surrounding area every trip aboard Metrolink trains since the COVID-19 virus took over our environment.

Greg and Marty Smith on board the train.

Steve Grande making his first train ride since April 2019. He got off in Fullerton and the three of us continued on to Los Angeles. Once there, we detrained and Greg and Marty went to the store and I sat in front of the door. Once the doors re-opened, we re-boarded the train and started cleaning the rest of the area that my guests would be occupying so they would be safe. Train 664 left Los Angeles on time and headed south. We came in on the south track at Norwalk so I called Steve and told him I would call him at Buena Park but he should get over to Track 3 at Fullerton. Once at Buena Park, I called him back and told him we would be there in five minutes. I then called Bill to get the count of how many guests we had at Orange to make sure we had cleaned enough areas. We then picked up Steve and headed to Anaheim before arriving at Orange and the rest of the party joined us. Everyone boarded and the party began.

My best man Bill Compton and David Aten.

Robert Butcher, Tom Watson and Carl Morrison.

Robin Bowers, Marty Smith and Greg Smith. This was our group as we left Orange. We were still missing one of my friends who told me he was coming just this morning.

Chris Parker boarded at Santa Ana and I had my entire group of friends with me. Bob Butcher and I got caught up and talked about our days during the second year at McArthur which brought smiles to both of our faces. It turned out that Tom Watson had known me the longest of this group but he admitted that Jeff Hartmann, who unfortunately could not be with us today, knew me longer. Good conversations were held and Greg sang some interesting songs while the rest of us laughed and giggled along. We saw the beach under a red flag due to high waves and plenty of riptides. At Pulgas Road, I showed everyone Mount San Jacinto and they were all amazed that they could see being within a mile of the ocean. The train then arrived at Oceanside and after I had given directions, the group followed me over to Track 2 where we waited for Metrolink 860. The cleaning crew boarded first and we did our thing before everyone else boarded. Good times and laughs plus stories made for an interesting trip back. Chris Parker detrained at Santa Ana and at Orange, we were met by my future wife, Elizabeth, who was able to meet Bob Butcher, whom she had not met before. The rest of us followed me around the crossing gates at Chapman Avenue, thus ending my first and only bachelor party.