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Train Festival 2011 Day 1 7/21/2011

by Chris Guenzler

People walking to the vendor tent or to see the engines.

The back of the Walcott Turn.

Iowa Interstate 701.

The Leviathan 63 with one of the crew.

Viscose 6.

Lehigh Valley Coal 126.

Crew members of the Lehigh Valley Coal 126.

Flagg Coal 75.

Chicago North Western F7A 411.

Burlington E5A 9911A Silver Pilot.






The Nebraska Zephyr.

Tail end of the Juno.

The Iowa Interstate Chinese QJs 7081 and 6088. The 6088 has been Americanized so you can see the difference in both engines.

A dad shows his daughter the Iowa Interstate Chinese QJ 6088.

Iowa Interstate 6088.

The Iowa Interstate 7081 and 6088.

Iowa Interstate 7081.

Nickel Plate 765.

The front end of the Walcott Turn for today. Next I visited the Nebraska Zephyr.

The inside of the Venus.

The inside of the Vesta.

A Burlington Route Mat.

The inside of the Minerva where I rested waiting for Nathan to join me. This was the coolest spot in Rock Island as the Midwest heat wave was now in Day 14.

Me in the Minerva. I pretended to be on a trip from Chicago to Lincoln, Nebraska.

Nathan in the Minerva.

Kitchen inside of the Vesta.

Dining area inside the Vesta.

The Dining Car Steward area inside the Vesta.

Inside of the Juno.

Me inside the Juno.

The two Iowa Interstate QJs 7081 and 6088.

Burlington E5A 9911A Silver Pilot. With that we met Bob and Elizabeth who I told about the coolest spot in Rock Island. With that done Nathan and I left Train Festival 2011 and headed over to Davenport to catch NKP 765 pulling the 11:00 AM train to Walcott, Iowa. We waited and the train started towards us but stopped at a fire truck to top the tender. After that it headed for us.

The NKP 675 put on a great show pulling the train through Davenport on its way to Walcott. Nathan and I then headed south to Galesburg to pick up Bob Riskie and try to catch the Amtrak Rock Island Special.

The steam engine and train in Galesburg on display.

A mural across the BNSF tracks from our photo location.

BNSF 5967 West at Galesburg.

The Amtrak Rock Island Special pulled into Galesburg.

Mr. Milwaukee Road 261 Steve Sandburg waves hello to me.

The back of this train is as interesting as the front end.

The Galesburg Station stop for the Amtrak Rock Island Special.

The Galesburg Railroad Days sign on this building across from the station.

That mural again. I talked with Steve Sandburg on the station platform. The special then headed to the Peoria Wye so it could be pointed in the right way to continue the trip to Rock Island. Now we would wait for the Southwest Chief with Bob Riskie aboard.

The Southwest Chief arrived into Galesburg today at 2:33 PM.

Bob Riskie exiting the train.

The Southwest Chief at Galesburg. From here we drove over to the Peoria Wye. On the way to a shady spot under a tree, I felt dizzy. The high heat finally caught up to me. I laid down under that tree and Nathan brought the water and the gatorade mix which I made the drink and drank it. I sat there while the train backed off of the Peoria Wye.

The Amtrak Rock Island Special train started backing off of the Peoria Wye.

Cedar Rapids.


Super Dome.

Wisconsin Valley.

St Croix River.


Lamberts Point.

Steve Sandburg again.

Milwaukee Road 261 Concession Car.

Lake Pepin.


St Paul Pass.

NRS 202.

NRS 203.

Minnesota River.

Grand Canyon.

Missouri-Kansas-Texas 403.

Amtrak Heritage Unit 66.

Amtrak Heritage Unit 156.

The train backing off the Peoria Wye. With that and feeling a little better we headed back to Moline.

On Interstate 74 we saw this sign. They dropped me off at the Motel 6 so I could rest up for the night photo session.

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